All I Want For Christmas

Towards the end of the year, festivities start for many people in the community. Despite no presents being given, there are still things that people wish for as the festive holiday nears.

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The festive season in armies is one of the busiest times of the year. It sees the year come to an end but before it can, many things have to take place. From the Christmas Chaos tournament to the award ceremony to community events, the list is endless. The community truly comes alive to celebrate as they await many anticipated moments.

For leaders, the festive season can see a lot of pressure being added as they are judged not just on their activity but their performance as well as their army’s. It presents a big challenge because no matter how well a year might have gone, it will be looked at with a fine tooth comb. This, of course, is referring to the Legend nominations as well as the Top Ten Armies of The Year.

These are not the only achievements given out at the end of the year. As we approach the end of December, the ‘End of Year‘ awards are given out. These awards tend to include Best Reporter/Designer/Community Committee Member/Judge, Biggest Moment and Brightest Bulb. Whilst not all of these awards may be highly anticipated, they present hard-working members with awards for all their achievements during the year.

The graphic for last year’s end of year awards

These awards are just one of the reasons why the hopes of community members light up. However, it is not the only reason. Some people may see the end of the year as a stepping stone to starting the new year with a bang. Others may hope for their hard work to pay off so they get acknowledged for the work they have done. Some may not even care about the awards or the tournament. They may just want to celebrate the festive season in style.

Even without personal awards, there is always pressure on leaders and armies to perform. Doing good may not be good enough to secure a place in the tournament. It also does not help in the Top Tens as consistency is important. With that said, what are the goals of some leaders in the community?

Club Penguin Armies approached army leaders to find out what they want for Christmas this year. This can be a difficult question to answer but we want to find out the goals and wishes of leaders.

Dino, Water Vikings Leader: For this Christmas hat I want to accomplish is 3 things:
a) train new leaders as me and Mabel will soon be retiring (I won’t be outing our retirement dates out of respect);
b) continue and oversee the next phase of Project: Tsunami (as we are almost completed with the first phase after a delay);
c) and win Christmas Chaos.

I personally don’t want to accomplish much for myself, to be honest. I’ve accomplished a lot of what I’ve wanted to do. I don’t want Legend (nor would I get it even if I did) so there isn’t much for me to personally accomplish. Getting some recognition at the end of the year may be nice, but that isn’t my call; it’s the community’s call. I shouldn’t try to play God and try to do something just for my own legacy. I really just want to see WV end the year on a good note after we collapsed from a very hot spring/early summer.

Obviously as aforementioned my sights are on Christmas Chaos, but when I say I want to win, that, I’m speaking as WV’s representative and not myself. Again, I’ve done all I’ve wanted to personally do. I just want WV to finally get over the hump and win a tournament. Things have finally been starting to come together, so we are going to make a run no matter how impossible it seems. I’ve already seen people betting against WV which I perfectly understand, which only gives me the motivation to do even better. No one expected to make the AUSIA Arena finals honestly, especially as we have no AUSIA and were going through a rough spell like we are right now. But WV is an extremely resilient army and we are going to prove everyone wrong. Otherwise, I have goals for myself as already mentioned.

Pingo, Penguins Of Madagascar Leader: Rebuild POM, CC clearly did not go well, but we ball.

AustinFraud, Army of Club Penguin Leader: Winning Christmas Chaos with ACP is at the top of my Christmas wish list. We’ve been planning for Christmas Chaos for quite some time. Winning the two greatest tournaments of the year is only ambitious, but I am persistent, and I will do whatever it takes, along with Coolguy and my wonderful Staff team, to ensure that we win Christmas Chaos.

Another goal of mine is to finally get number 1 in the top 10 armies of the year, which is getting closer. In the back of my head, I want to shoot for the largest sizes for my AUSIA division. I’ve put a lot of effort into our AUSIA division this year since taking over as AUSIA Commander in January, so it’s only right that I end the AUSIA year with a bang, breaking all records of the year.

ROOBOO, Help Force Leader: That’s a very good question actually. I would like for more community events that bond us as armies more since that side is barely shown. For example we can do community Christmas challenges, karaokees, game nights, 2 v 2 battles, a CPA Christmas Tree Decorations (I can volunteer to host that), 2024 resolutions, and more! Anything that opens up for us to bond more like community activities but for Christmas. A Christmas gathering on mini scales 😀 Oh and one more thing, work together to raise donations to real life charities

Dawn, Templars of Club Penguin Leader: My goals for Templars for this last stretch of the year is to have fun tbh. It’s been such a stressful year where none of us have been able to relax and just enjoy our events and the time we’re spending together because it’s common that not all of us will be here for next year so we should be making the most of the holidays together. I hope to continue with AUSIA this month to give those that like the division more time with it and continue growing the staff team. Overall I just want to hold fun events for this month (after CC is over) and enjoy Templars being successful under my leadership and give back to all my staff who has helped bring the army to the position it’s in currently. As far as next year, that’s something we can plan later down the line, for now we enjoy Christmas.

Each of these leaders have clear goals in mind for their armies. However, one common theme is they all have goals for their respective armies. For them, it is not about personal gain but about the benefit of the army. This is a trait that all good leaders must have to be able to succeed. Will any of them achieve their goals this year? Who will win the Christmas Chaos tournament? What do other leaders think – we will find out in part two, coming soon!

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