Christmas Chaos XIII: Qualifier Results

The Qualifier round for the Christmas Chaos XIII tournament has concluded after two armies fought in a thrilling battle. Only one remained the victor and advanced to the next bracket. Which army was deemed as the victor?

The second day of December brought us the opening of the Christmas Chaos tournament. The People’s Imperial Confederation and the Penguins of Madagascar, two Small/Medium armies, clashed together in a duel. Previously, most of the community predicted that PIC would win the round. Let us examine the fine details of the battle.

People’s Imperial Confederation vs. Penguins of Madagascar

The Penguins of Madagascar commenced with three penguins in the initial room against the Confederates’ ten, eventually increasing to a modest six by the third. Despite commendable efforts from Cheezy Dibbles enjoyers, a notable segment of their troops remained inactive, resulting in formations being lackluster and disorganized.

On the other hand, the People’s Imperial Confederation showcased unwavering consistency, boasting a size advantage, adept tactics, and notable speed. Their numerical superiority, often double or triple that of the Penguins of Madagascar, marked today’s contest as heavily one-sided. It would seem that the Bowler Hats were no match for the soldiers in Red and Blue. Consequently, the Confederates secured resounding victories across all three rooms, establishing their dominance and positioning themselves with eager anticipation for a compelling Quarter Finals clash against the formidable Army of Club Penguin.

Winner: People’s Imperial Confederation

Christmas Chaos XIII – Room 3

Now that the Qualifiers are behind us, the stage is set for the anticipated heavyweight clashes. As the People’s Imperial Confederation advances to the Quarter Finals, excitement mounts for showdowns with larger forces such as the Water Vikings, the Help Force, the Rebel Penguin Federation, and the Elite Guardians. How will each army showcase its unique strategies to pursue Christmas Chaos glory in the upcoming weeks?

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