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BOO! 🎃 Welcome back to Picture Perfect, a column where we analyze historic photographs from the army community. In this week’s spooky edition, we will be reminiscing on the iconic Fright or Fight tournament.

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As the army community celebrates Spooktober, a single tournament has managed to capture the hearts and minds of numerous individuals. Fright or Fight was hosted by Club Penguin Army Hub in 2020, uniting the army community for a spooky showdown. The first round of the tournament featured battles among sixteen armies, with eight from both the major and small/medium categories. Each size category took part in a separate bracket, to better accommodate the large number of contending armies. Participating armies included the Army of Club Penguin, Army of Orient Seas, Crimson Guardians, Golden Troops, Help Force, Ice Warriors, Most Wanted, Pizza Federation, Rebel Penguin Federation, Red Ravagers, Silver Empire, Special Weapons and Tactics, Tree Cult, Water Vikings, and two mystery armies.

Fright or Fight official graphic

Round One

The anticipation for round one of the tournament was palpable as armies from each bracket clashed in an intense, spooky-scary 30-minute battle. One of the standout matches was between Help Force and Water Vikings, a nail-biter that pushed the judges to an overtime room to decide the victor. In the end, the Helpers emerged victorious, securing their spot in the next round. As round one concluded, the Pizza Federation, Army of Club Penguin, Red Ravagers, Ice Warriors, Silver Empire, Rebel Penguin Federation, and Most Wanted advanced to the next round.

Water Vikings vs. Help Force, round one of Fright or Fight

Round Two

Round two signaled the semi-finals of the tournament, setting the stage for intense clashes between the victorious armies as they battled each other. Key matchups included Rebel Penguin Federation facing Help Force, where the Rebels secured a 2-1-0 victory. Meanwhile, the Pizza Federation clashed with the Silver Empire, with both armies putting up a strong fight. Ultimately, in an overtime battle, Pizza Federation triumphed over Silver Empire in the fourth room. As the second round concluded, the Red Ravagers, Rebel Penguin Federation, Pizza Federation, and the Army of Club Penguin triumphed, leading to their advancement to the next round.

Pizza Federation vs. Silver Empire, Semi-Finals

Round Three

The Grand Finals of the Fright or Fight tournament showcased four armies, each contesting for the coveted trophy. The battle for the small/medium trophy saw an intense brawl between the Pizza Federation and the Red Ravagers. The Federation’s substantial size advantage, of more than twenty penguins, ensured their comfortable 3-0 victory. Nevertheless, the battle was recognized as an entertaining and a well-fought contest on both sides.

Pizza Federation vs. Red Ravagers Grand Finals

Long-standing rivals, the Army of Club Penguin and Rebel Penguin Federation, clashed in a spectacular Grand Finals battle. Both the Clovers and Rebels achieved a size average of over one hundred penguins, a feat which has not been witnessed since the COVID-19 pandemic. Both armies valiantly maintained their formations, showcasing creative and competitive tactics throughout the battle. Despite the intense sizes and strategies displayed by both sides, the Rebel Penguin Federation emerged triumphant with a clean sweep 3-0 score.

Rebel Penguin Federation vs. Army of Club Penguin Grand Finals

Community Reaction

The Fright or Fight tournament generated a wave of excitement and anticipation. Among members of the army community, predictions about the victorious armies were a mix of hope and uncertainty. The Pizza Federation had seen a successful year, emerging victorious in both Beach Brawl and Challengers Cup. With such achievements, many key figures were eagerly anticipating a third Federation win. In contrast, the Red Ravagers also had a prosperous 2020, ascending several ranks in the weekly Top Ten and re-entering the major rankings. The Pizza Federation’s triumph was expected by many, given their year of small/medium dominance. However, the Red Ravagers put up a strong fight, showcasing their commitment to battle.

CPAH predictions: PZF vs. RR

With a rich and varied diplomatic history, the Rebel Penguin Federation and Army of Club Penguin shared a unique rivalry in late 2019 and 2020. During the Holiday Championship of 2019, the Clovers faced off against the Rebels. In this matchup, the Clovers emerged triumphant, highlighting their ability to seize victory in uncertain circumstances. In the weeks leading up to the showdown, the Rebels reclaimed the top spot on the weekly top ten. Meanwhile, the Clovers slipped to fourth place, displaying a quiet week. However, both armies managed to muster a formidable force of one hundred and ten penguins for their semi-final battle, underscoring their growth and dominance.

Seven out of eleven CPAH staff members predicted a Rebel victory in the grand finals. Many described the battle as ‘a true clash of community titans.’ Several people believed in the Clovers’ ability to win and were eager to see them claim another trophy. However, the majority of the community seemed confident in the Rebels’ chances for victory. Both armies engaged in a fierce battle, mirroring the formidable strength they had demonstrated throughout the summer of 2020.

CPAH predictions: ACP vs. RPF

Due to the unwavering commitment and dedication demonstrated during the COVID-19 pandemic, the army community experienced a surge in activity, marking a period of growth unprecedented since the beginning of the CPPS era. The Fright or Fight tournament was just one of the many successful events held that year. Fright or Fight became a spooky sensation, celebrating the month of October and the remarkable success that armies had enjoyed throughout the year.

As we reminisce about old times and peak eras, it’s important to acknowledge the context that contributed to these great sizes. Free time during the pandemic led to an exceptional rise in army sizes. The Club Penguin Army Hub demonstrated stability and commitment that helped armies thrive. The Fright or Fight tournament is just one example of their innovative nature. As Halloween approaches, it’s gratifying to revisit annual army traditions and tournaments, especially those with such an exciting impact. Club Penguin Armies wishes everyone a safe and enjoyable holiday.

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