Top Ten Armies of the Month: September 2023

It appears that the September Drop has had its impact on the community. Last month, we observed several major armies struggling to maintain their major status, with one of them falling down to small/medium. Although we didn’t witness any conflicts, the retirements of several leaders and promotions are sure to affect the army scene in the coming months.

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Top Ten Armies

1. Elite Guardians ⟨96[↑1]

2. Army of Club Penguin ⟨94[↓1]

3. Help Force ⟨87[↑1]

 4. Rebel Penguin Federation ⟨84[]

5. Templars ⟨82[↓2]

6. Water Vikings ⟨81[↑1]

7. Dark Vikings 67[↑4]

8. Special Weapons and Tactics ⟨65[↓2]

9. People’s Imperial Confederation 64[]

10. Tormentors 57[NEW]

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Once again, Elite Guardians and Army of Club Penguin have claimed the top two spots in the monthly Top Ten, although they have switched positions this time. Help Force secured the third spot on the list, advancing by one position and despite recently falling to small/medium status. The Helpers are closely followed by Rebel Penguin Federation who retained their 4th rank from August. In the 5th place come Templars, who unfortunately fell down by two positions. Water Vikings, who are just one point behind the Knights, achieved the 6th place, advancing by a rank. Following a larger gap in the points, we witness Dark Vikings claiming the 7th place, after rising by four positions, the biggest rise of September. Special Weapons and Tactics fell from 6th to 8th place, having only two points less than DV. People’s Imperial Confederation secured the 9th spot and is the second army whose position remained unchanged. The list concludes with Tormentors making their first appearance in the Top Ten.

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