HCOM Life Stories: General Ugly

Welcome to the twenty-first edition of the column “Higher Command Life Stories”. In this edition, we will have a conversation with Ugly, a General in the Army of Club Penguin.

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Ugly joined his first army, Aliens in February 2020.  He was recruited by BP who after some time in Aliens, invited him to the Tree Cult. Ugly had his first leadership role in that army. His leadership didn’t last long, as Ugly left the Tree Cult after some controversy and was invited to Dark Champions by AustinFraud. He was able to climb to the leadership spot in the Champions. After the closure of the army in early 2021, he moved to the Fire Warriors. Ugly was also able to have a third leadership reign, this time in FW before the army ceased operations in August of that year. He joined the leadership of the Fire Warriors again in 2022 after its revival.

Ugly leading the Fire Warriors against PIC in the Challengers Cup II. He ultimately led the Warriors to victory

Ugly joined the third generation of the Secret Service in April 2022. He was able to reach the leadership role before its closure the same year. After a while later, Ugly joined the Army of Club Penguin in June. He is currently a General in the army and has participated in the Legends Cup XIII. Outside of traditional army work, he has held Reporter in Club Penguin Army Network and Club Penguin Army Headquarters. Even today, he reports for Club Penguin Armies.

Ugly in an ACP event

Ugly likes to hang out with his friends in his free time. He values and expects loyalty and respect among his friends’ group. In school, he studies Economics and Marketing and is hoping to make a career out of these interests. He was inspired to look into the business world because of his father. He doesn’t describe himself as artistic, but his appreciation for the art of writing is evident due to his role as a reporter and his great writing in many army media outlets. his passion for writing allowed him to be the Reporter of the Month in July.

Club Penguin Armies sat down with Ugly to discuss his army journey and his favorite hobbies.

Why the name ‘Ugly’?

Good question lol. It’s been a name I chose since like 2017 and used it my first time I think in Steam where I only played Team Fortress 2 at the time before moving to Discord, I’ve been asked this question since the time I had it and was said stuff like “I feel bad for calling you Ugly” and sympathetic stuff like that. It’s honestly hilarious because I myself don’t even know why the name Ugly, I don’t know what my 12-year-old self was thinking choosing it but here we are today. I tried changing my name multiple times throughout the years, but I was just bullied to changing it back so yeah, I’m stuck with this name forever. Not a lot know but I’m actually the opposite of my name IRL.

Do you miss leading?

Definitely especially around 2021 with Fire Warriors, it had a different but good vibe to it back then because there were still a lot of S/M armies around which made it challenging and makes you miss it sort of, mainly because we were pretty successful in the S/M sphere. I’d love to relive the same moments with Army of Club Penguin soon without a doubt.

What are your favorite memories of CPA?

Winning Challengers Cup 2 and New Year Bonanza with Fire Warriors and winning the Legends Cup with Army of Club Penguin. I say that because I truly think I put in great work with the rest of the team for all of those trophies and the result didn’t disappoint, which what makes it so memorable.

What are your future plans in the army community?

Right now, is focus on ACP and hopefully become leader after enough work, of course I will have to prove myself further and help ACP win more trophies soon with the rest of my good friends in the leader and HCOM team. It’s not going to be easy but if you really want something you’re going to have to work hard for it, and I hope I won’t disappoint.

Can you tell us more about your favorite hobbies?

I really like to spend time with my friends and family, you only get to see and talk with someone you really love for a short time, and I find that time very valuable. Other than that, I’m learning more about commerce and marketing which I find a super interesting and helpful field to study.

Ugly is a very ambitious individual due to his many leadership reigns and his great contributions to the media side of the army community. We wish Ugly the best in his future in the army community. Will Ugly become the next Clover Commander?

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    I first met Ugly in FW. I think that’s how we became friends

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