Need Some Help? HF Reclassified to S/M

On September 24th, the Help Force transitioned from being a recognized major army to being categorized as a small/medium army. Amidst the September Drop, the Helpers failed to meet the required size average of 20 troops for three consecutive weeks.

Help Force reclassified to SM

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Originally emerging as a stamp-collecting group on Club Penguin Online, the Help Force was created on March 11th, 2018, by army legend Ayan. It was only during July that HF had significant growth and officially earned the status of a small/medium army. After several months of putting up high maxes, the Helpers managed to achieve major army status. This gave the army great momentum. As a result, they successfully claimed the Summer Bash 2019 first-place trophy, marking their first tournament victory. With a continuous effort of recruiting and hard work, the army began to average above 60 in all weekend events, peaking at the highest max of 88.

Help Force CPO event

Help Force holding an event on CPO

After the Helper Exodus, which marked HF’s transition from CPO to Club Penguin Rewritten, their sizes dropped drastically. However, in February 2020, after a leadership change, they managed to improve their size average. It was also in 2020 that the Help Force’s AUSIA division was established as a powerhouse in the army community. Evidence of their triumph came in their subsequent tournament victory against the Army of Club Penguin in Aces of AUSIA. It was, without a shred of doubt, a sweeping victory (3-0-0) for the Helpers, who maxed 85+ during the battle.

HF facing ACP in Aces of AUSIA

Most recently, the Help Force achieved their third tournament victory against the Water Vikings in an intense clash during the finals of AUSIA Arena. The Helpers also took part in one of the biggest conflicts of this year, World War IX. The Help Force agreed to support their brother allies, ACP; although, they did not declare war on the opposing armies. Despite their fervent activity and dedicated efforts during the first half of 2023, the Helpers fell prey to the notorious September Drop. After failing to reach a size average of 20 troops for three consecutive weeks, they were reclassified to S/M.

Club Penguin Armies reached out to the Help Force leader ROOBOO to understand his perspective on the matter at hand.

How do you feel about this unfortunate reclassification?

First of all I wanna say that HF being a S/M army nearly happened only once and it’s now. It’s very saddening despite the fact of how strong HF is. It’s just this time so watch us be a Major Army in the next 3 weeks. It’s really shameful and saddening because everyone knows the strength of HF.

What do you think was the cause of this drop?

We have concerns despite the inactivity of the team and lack of hype sourcing out from the team itself.

Do you think Help Force could have avoided this reclassification?

Yes I think we could have avoided the situation of being reclassified if we were to notice that it’s the third week since we actually didn’t notice. Also we could have put more effort in at least 1 of the 3 weeks but we didn’t have the hype to match so if we were to notice that it’s our third week I guess we could have definitely worked for it.

How do you intend to enhance the performance of the Help Force?

Recruiting. motivation, and effort of hype. We must keep the flow going by letting the team feel it and if the team feels it and does it, everyone else will. A soldier won’t take a move without the leader. A troop won’t attend without the staff member. We’ll get back there in no time and this was a single flaw and drop but it doesn’t define us. Being a S/M army once doesn’t define us. It’s a drop that happened but we’ll be back to normal in the upcoming period.

It seems that ROOBOO is confident that the Helpers can regain their major status somewhere in the future. He asserts that HF must overcome the current lack of hype and focus on recruitment. If they manage to achieve higher maxes, they will be able to join the major army club once again by late October. Do you think HF will be able to overcome this situation?

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