Top Ten Armies of the Month: August 2023

In contrast to July, August was filled with wars and tournament battles. The previous month witnessed Army of Club Penguin declaring war on Elite Guardians and Special Weapons and Tactics clashing with Templars, as well as the Legends Cup XIII conclusion. After this eventful time, we can once again see several changes in the ranking.

Top Ten Armies

1. Army of Club Penguin 78[↑3]

2. Elite Guardians 74[↓1]

3. Templars 71[↑4]

 4T. Help Force 62 [↓1]

4T. Rebel Penguin Federation 62[↑1]

6. Special Weapons and Tactics 54[↑3]

7T. Water Vikings 49[↓5]

7T. Friendly Gamers 49 [NEW]

9. People’s Imperial Confederation 47[↓1]

10. Penguins of Madagascar 32[↑1]

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In August, we witnessed Army of Club Penguin returning to the top, ranking up by three positions. Elite Guardians follow them closely, after falling down to 2nd spot, while Templars are the last army in the top three. TCP advanced by an impressive total of four positions, which is also the biggest rise of August. Help Force and Rebel Penguin Federation come tied for the 4th spot, HF after falling down, and RPF after ranking up by one. Special Weapons and Tactics managed to jump by three positions, moving from 9th to 6th. Water Vikings, who had a week of hiatus this month, come at 7th, together with a new army – Friendly Gamers. People’s Imperial Confederation and Penguins of Madagascar close the list, achieving 9th and 10th place respectively.

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