A Wild Return For Penguins Of Madagascar

Penguins of Madagascar have returned to the army community after a month-long hiatus. With the introduction of three new leaders, the army enters a rebuilding phase in preparation to return to the battling scene once more.

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Logical and Rye Bread created the Penguins of Madagascar in late January 2023. The army quickly grew into a sizeable force in the small-medium community. At their opening event in February, they achieved a max of 17, a strong start for the new army. Penguins of Madagascar proceeded to participate in several tournaments, such as February Forte, March Madness VIII and AUSIA Arena: Summer Edition. Despite their small sizes, at times, they put up a fight against all opposition.

Penguins of Madagascar battling the Help Force at AUSIA Arena

Alongside participating in tournaments, the Penguins of Madagascar have also participated in a few wars. The army declared war on Special Weapons and Tactics as part of the War of Conquest. The war ended with a ceasefire, however, the army’s war days were not over yet. The next day, the Magma Clan declared on the Penguins of Madagascar. The army had a brief period of peace after the end of these wars. However, this peace ended when the Penguins of Madagascar joined the Sapphire Concordat alliance in a war against the Dark Vikings.

The Sapphire Concordat emerged victorious from the war, however, this victory was followed by the army’s demise. Following the war’s end, Penguins of Madagascar leader, Sweater, announced his retirement from the army. Many staff members followed and also left the army, causing a period of inactivity. A few days later, on June 7, Penguins of Madagascar creator, Rye Bread, announced that the army was going on hiatus.

Rye Bread announcing the army going on hiatus

Almost two months went by, until Logical, the co-creator of Penguins of Madagascar, announced the army’s reopening with 3 new leaders, Cr3epy, Guest User and Solarix. The announcement also mentioned that previous alliances no longer stand, giving the army a fresh start. He also made clear that the new leaders would have full discretion over future decisions. This connotes that Logical will not be taking a role in the new generation, once again, waving goodbye to the army.

Logical announcing the return of the army

At the army’s reopening event, they maxed less than the 17 they got at their first event. The event was shorter compared to events the army had done in the past, with only 2 tactics being sent. Despite this, the new leaders are determined to rebuild the army.

Penguins of Madagascar at their reopening event

Club Penguin Armies reached out to the new leaders of the Penguins of Madagascar to find out more about the future of the army.

What do you hope to achieve from reopening the Penguins of Madagascar?

Cr3epy: To regain power and glory.

Guest User: A fun experience for everyone but also a safe experience.

Solarix: I hope to achieve a safe space for everyone once again a fun environment for all and hopefully to be battling once again soon but also in general a revival in a way that is fun and enjoyable for everybody.

How do you feel about the reopening?

Cr3epy: Well certainly happy about it as we have been on a hiatus for a while, and we have a long road ahead of us, but I have some great people to work with so I’m happy about it

Guest User: Nervous due to the fact that it’s been two months.

Solarix: I feel kind of nervous that people will not show up but also excited to see the server going once again we are doing this today to see if anyone will attend and go from there no battling just yet but we will build from there.

How do your troops feel about the reopening?

Cr3epy: I don’t really know. I haven’t been active of lately [as] football and school is my priority so I have no time to talk to the troops yet.

Guest User: The chat is really active and I think they are excited.

Solarix: A lot of the troops feel very excited to reopen most of them haven’t really replied but some of our active troops are very excited to see Penguins of Madagascar [POM] opening again. Some allies and visitors are also planning on attending and are also rejoining the server with the announcement of the army reopening once again.

Do you think that your army will do better or worse than before your hiatus?

Cr3epy: Well that’s a tricky question as I have to get ready to lead this army to little to none experience but, nonetheless, I think we will do better this is the NEW era of POM so to answer your question… GLORY TO POM.

Guest User: Maybe worse but we can train the army to become better.

Solarix: I think better than on hiatus for sure as some of our members had left for other armies we are slowly coming back.

It seems that the new leaders are motivated on restoring the glory of their army in a safe way. With significant changes in leadership, what will become of the army? Will the Penguins of Madagascar return to their dominant status among other small/medium armies? Will they eventually rise to become a major army? What do you think? 

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