The Elite Guardians’ International Ascent!

In an attempt to allow more non-Portuguese troops to easily join, the Elite Guardians have reopened their International Divisions. This move will allow people from all regions to freely join the army’s ranks. Let’s dive into their international ascent and what brought them here.

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In a recent post, Elite Guardians of Club Penguin announced the return of their international divisions, in a bid for greater incorporation of non-native speakers in the army. EGCP’s Divisão Internacional re-opened on July 17th, 2023, for the first time in four years. The first iteration in 2018 primarily aimed to bring in English speakers. While EGCP had a separate server for what was, at the time, their “English Division”, the idea was soon abandoned due to the limitations of Discord.

For their international divisions’ reopening, troops wore outfits representative of a country of their choice and the army maxed 22 troops online. Club Penguin Armies reached out to Lass, one of the army leaders, for an exclusive interview.

“The International Division was something we all wanted to apply, to break that language barrier and the idea of ”But I don’t understand portuguese and I won’t be able to join/communicate there”. Alongside promoting more recruitment opportunities and nicer hospitality to foreigners.”

The current leaders in charge of Divisão Internacional are Lass, Yellow (an EGCP veteran from 2017), and Ana. We asked Lass about their goals for Divisão Internacional.

This project will be a long-term one, due to the effort we need to have to translate everything and organize it entirely, such as other EGCP media that are outside of discord. Although, the translated channels of the main server are already done, so anyone who doesn’t speak portuguese can join in, enlist and have fun.

He demonstrated how one of their Discord bots translates commands from Portuguese to English and Spanish. This feature is something Discord lacked in 2018. However, with more powerful bots and commands introduced overtime, it was a great help in enabling the army’s international ascent.

International Bot Translator

Lass demonstrates how their Carlos bot translates commands from Portuguese to English and Spanish

Lass gave the following advice for any armies interested in creating their international divisions.
Honestly, you should combine a intuictive structure that anybody can have an easy time accessing, and instruct your staff members to have a didactic approach in guiding. Keep in mind that you are not only receiving people that are probably unfamiliar with the army community, you are also receiving people that may have a hard time understanding your language.
It’s clear that the Elite Guardians have high hopes for the second generation of their international division. With an impressive max size at their first event, they are off to a good start. Do you think this will benefit them? Should your army open up an international division? Let us know in the comments!

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