What About You: What Would You Change From Your Army Past?

Welcome back to What About You, the column where we interview community members to see what they have to say about specific topics. In this edition army leaders were asked what they would change about their past in Club Penguin Armies.

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If you have seen the Disney movie Frozen, you know the famous quote, I’m never going back, the past is in the past!” sung by Elsa, the main character. Is Elsa right when suggesting that the past shouldn’t be considered or brought back? Are there memories from our past that scar us to the point where we don’t ever think of them anymore? Or do we use what we did in the past to fix our mistakes and make our future better?

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Without a doubt, most of this community, regardless of when they joined, has some regrets about their time in armies. Many people joined the community during the time when Club Penguin was alive. These people have a lot more experience in the community but may also have many more regrets. Others may not have been around as long, however, even a short duration within the community can be filled with both good and bad. However, what would leaders change if they could go back in time and change something about their past in armies?

Club Penguin Armies asked six army leaders what they would change from their past. Here is what they had to say:

Snowy, Help Force leader: With the knowledge I have now, I would be more secure in establishing relations with other armies and not be so preoccupied with how others perceive me as a leader. I would also place greater emphasis in building the staff team as a closely-knit group, though I think I did that decently well already. In hindsight, I would have pushed for getting different promotions at different times, at least for myself. Not only that, but as commander I’d make sure each staff member is being watched and prepared for their role in the army, to not leave anyone behind or allow them to fall through the cracks.

Dino, Water Vikings leader: If I could change something in my past being in CPA, it’d be something I did on August 3rd and September 2nd in a Romans-related GC. My idiocy there when exposed costed Romans possibly permanently. I’m obviously still here and thriving but it was not always that way. I’d rather not go into detail what exactly happened on those days, but if I could change something in my past in CPA, it’d be never thinking the way I did back then and/or not making that GC in the first place. I have no doubt in my mind about that.

Ice Queen, Ice Warriors leader: Being in CPA, the one thing I would change from my past is not allowing CPA to take over my life for a certain period of time and letting it dictate my IRL schedule. Being an army leader for almost 2 years, in 2021, I heavily made my own schedule work alongside IW’s schedule, even the time I would spend with family and friends was once dictated around battles, games and other event timings. It is often quite hard to find the balance especially if you’re a leader who puts their heart and soul into the army. However, it is so important to look after yourself and take the time out for yourself and know when to just simply say ‘no’. At the end of the day, we all joined the CPA community to have fun and to spend our free time, for a lot of us it’s a form of escape from real life as well. However, if you don’t find that balance then eventually CPA will also become something you want to run away from.

Coolguy, Army of Club Penguin leader: If I was to change anything pre-CPPS, I would’ve wanted to step up a lot more with the knowledge that I have now. Back then I was in a few armies and did lead a few but these things did end. Whether it was because an army shut down or you moved on, it still happened. Although, if I had a better computer then that would’ve helped a hell of a lot too. But even though I made roots in the past, I would’ve liked to make my own stamp on an army by being able to adapt to each situation and try to be that undeniable figure that helped an army stay alive and grow.

Lass, Elite Guardians leader: In 2017 was when I met CPA during the early days of CPR, but I didn’t know how to join or to do tactics. Especially during early 2017 the armies still used xat.com and not discord. So I had some struggles trying to get into the army and then I got tired about it and gave up. In 2019 I got a little inactive and couldn’t help EGCP that much due to lack of interest and the fact that during several months my PC broke. And I had a bad cell phone at the time that couldn’t run puffin.

Dawn, Templars leader: One thing I’d change from my past would be just army hopping around instead of actually getting used to a community and sticking to it. I first joined in summer 2019 where armies would commonly close, but I’d go back and forth between armies rather than learning about the actual community and what’s going on. If i had actually built up my knowledge of the community and got to know army leaders before army hopping I think I’d have a better understanding of the community and would have a better outlook on it.

It’s clear to see that the leaders have different experiences in their time as leaders. However, they all have something in mind that they would want to change, even if they don’t like to think about it. Some stated that they would’ve liked to have known more or been more experienced. Some also mentioned the relationship they held or the things they did. But one thing is clear, they all wanted to improve something about themselves or their time in armies.

Whilst many people joke about being in them, armies provide invaluable lessons which can apply in real life. Icequeen talked about their own schedule and how armies impacted it. Being in an army can affect your life and she suggested that leaders need to find a balance that works for them. One that doesn’t overwork them or mess with their own life schedule badly. However, making good relationships within the community can be crucial to helping you maintain a good status. To pass the question onto the reader, what would you change about your army past if you were given the opportunity?

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