Why I Think This War Was A Mistake

On June 1st, three armies consisting of the Rebel Penguin Federation, the Water Vikings and the Elite Guardians of CP simultaneously declared war on the Army of Club Penguin. In a rather unusual move, these three armies imposed a specific term that caused controversy. This term was the war term that effectively restricted ACP’s use of allies. Many in the community, including myself, found this term to be very odd and unfair to impose upon another army. However, later on Club Penguin Armies Administrator Wynn announced that this term was invalid and that ACP would be free to involve their allies, which led to the whole World War IX happening. In this post, I will be sharing my thoughts on why I think this war was a mistake.

Note: This post does not represent Club Penguin Armies’ stance upon any of the topics discussed.


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At the start of the war, the Army of Club Penguin only held around 49 servers. However, later on June 4th they held 70 servers, due to the Special Weapons And Tactics surrendering to the Clovers in an earlier war declaration. This led to the capitulation of their empire to the ACP and ACP’s expansion in the server map. The massive amount of ACP servers is one of the primary reasons why I believe this war was a mistake. 


From what I’ve read in the declaration posts, each army seems to share a common reason on why they declared war on the ACP. The Blue Sunset Alliance armies stated that they are concerned about ACP’s quest to domination the army community and the map. Furthermore, the declarations highlighted their goal to put a stop to the expansion. During the World War IX, each alliance battled back and forth in a total of 32 face offs. All of these battles were won by the Blue Sunset Alliance.

However, the rather controversial World War IX Treaty invalidated the war score at the end of the war. Many in the community found it to be a rather odd treaty, as it declared “no winners” in the war. Moreover, the treaty basically enforced that any army couldn’t even mention the war score. This very term led to the Rebel Penguin Federation losing their entire empire to the Sapphire Concordat. The incident occurred after they mistakenly wrote in their post, “After 11 long days of war, invasion, defenses and an incredible total of 32 battles – all of which were won by the Blue Sunset Alliance”.

The Removal Of The War Score

During the war, several neutral judges like Spotty, Wynn and Scorp devoted a lot of time to judge battles. Often, these judges were forced to provide solo judging due to a lack of available neutral judges. During the Battle for McDonald’s, there was a Discord lag issue occurring which affected both sides. In the end, the Black Sunset Alliance were successfully able to invade McDonald’s from the Sapphire Concordat alliance.

However, this caused much resentment from Sapphire Concordat. The defending armies complained that it was rather unfair that the battle was not delayed or cancelled despite multiple arguments in the CPA discord server. Head Judge Mare later released an official statement on the battle, stating that in the future such battles will either be cancelled or postponed. Throughout the war, the judges put in an exorbitant amount of effort to ensure that battles never got cancelled. More often than not, judges were forced to log on at unearthly hours to facilitate the continuity of the war.


All of this begs the question – was it really fair to remove the war score? The conclusion to the war was a treaty being signed in which all parties agreed to wipe the slate clean. Despite me not judging a single battle in this war, many judges devoted a lot of time and effort to judge battles. All of the effort only to find out that all the judged battles led to no winner in the war. I cannot speak on the behalf of all the judges, but I think it was really odd to remove an official war score. Many community members seem to agree with this opinion.

Did The BSA Really Achieve Their Goal?

As I mentioned in my introduction, the BSA armies wanted to prevent ACP’s expansion on the CPA map. However, did they really achieve their goal in the end? In the beginning, ACP owned a lot of servers as a result of their stubborn efforts to expand their empire and protect themselves from force treaties. As we saw in the war, it was very hard to invade all of their servers in order to obtain total victory on the Clover empire. Eventually, the Sapphire Concordat managed to get the Blue Sunset Alliance to agree to a treaty which many in the community saw as unfair, odd, and very one-sided. Moreover, I personally see the treaty as limiting the freedom of speech of armies.

Consequently, RPF mistakenly lost their entire empire to the Sapphire Concordat due to a simple error made in a website post. The Blue Sunset Alliance only existed to counter ACP’s spreading control over the map. However, through this war the Water Vikings only managed to gain a flimsy 6 servers. The Elite Guardians gained only 4 servers. But the Sapphire Concordat’s territory eventually grew even more following the Rebels’ terms violation. The Concordat gained a whopping 18 servers from this war. In my opinion, even though 2 of the BSA armies managed to capture some land from ACP, due to a technicality the Sapphire Concordant still managed to gain more servers than them in the war. Moreover, RPF also lost their historic capital Tuxedo, which was rotated amongst the alliance and is currently under ACP occupation.


World War IX was a war in which all armies fight their battles using their allies, rather than fighting one on one. At one point, armies in the Sapphire Concordat began invading their own allies. The Blue Sunset Alliance saw this as them exploiting a loophole to avoid getting force treatied. Moreover, the CPA Administration later ruled those invasions invalid. Several controversial incidents occurred in this war, some of which were not entirely uncommon in such high tension circumstances. However, the World War IX Treaty, the People’s Imperial Confederation and the Napalm Corp’s attempts to circumvent force treaties, and RPF’s entire empire falling to the Sapphire Concordat were rather unforeseen, and maybe even undesirable outcomes for this war. The treaty happened after all armies burned themselves out, fighting 32 battles in a span of 10 days.

Following the war, Water Vikings leader Dino initiated the “Alabama Plan“, mentioned in a previous post. He also states how he feels the war was a waste and ended up setting his army back without accomplishing their goals. In my opinion, people will view the World War IX as having no winners. This is not because of the treaty, but because even though the BSA armies defeated the Sapphire Concordat in every battle, they never managed to prevent ACP’s expansion on the map. Moreover, one of their constituent armies even ended up losing their entire empire to the ACP and its allies. In the end, the war was a huge loss to both sides as it exhausted their troops for no good reason, and thus it will always be a huge mistake.

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