Battle Report: Invasion of Icebound

Earlier today, the Sapphire Concordat attempted an invasion of Icebound, a server owned by Rebel Penguin Federation. Despite the battle being a clear victory for the Blue Sunset Alliance, new controversies have emerged.

The invasion of Icebound marked the 19th battle of World War IX and was an attempt to seize Rebel Penguin’s Federation land for Special Weapons and Tactics. Unlike most recent invasions, this one started with only a small difference in sizes. However, despite a close battle, the Blue Sunset Alliance managed to secure the victory in all three rooms. We had the opportunity to speak with Shallissa, the leader of the People’s Imperial Confederation, who told us the Sapphire Concordat is not giving up and is doing everything to improve their performance.


Snow Forts – Blue Sunset Alliance

At the start of the room, the sizes were 30 RPF to 23 SWAT, which was a rather small difference in the context of the whole war. The Sapphire Concordat entered first, with the Blue Sunset Alliance being faster to bomb and then create the first formation. RPF quickly claimed a backward L, while their opponents formed a V. SWAT seemed smaller and at times struggled to keep up the good pace. The BSA moved first, managing to cover the room well. After they got into an anchor formation, the SC started to bomb and created a backward L, but it was too late to fully secure the bottom line. At this point of the room, the sizes were 26 SWAT to 30 RPF. Seeing the struggle to maintain control over the chat bar, the defenders switched their form to an upside-down V. Their enemies moved soon after, but the Blue Sunset Alliance held their ground well. The Sapphire Concordat proceeded to create an anchor, copying RPF for the second time. Both formations looked neat, although SWAT experienced some gaps. At the end of the room, the sizes were 24 SWAT to 34 RPF.

The judges decided that the Blue Sunset Alliance emerged victorious in this room due to better speed, neater formations, and more creativity.


Iceberg – Blue Sunset Alliance

The judges again witnessed SWAT entering the room first, but RPF was much quicker to claim their formation. They managed to surround the room, while SWAT was experiencing some struggles with an X. The circle made SWAT appear smaller, despite experiencing occasional gaps. The sizes at the beginning of the room were 32 RPF to 23 SWAT. Both armies moved at the same time, the Blue Sunset Alliance swiftly formed a V while SWAT needed more time to create an upside-down V. Rebel Penguin Federation seemed to remain in control of the room, while their opponents were experiencing some AFK troops. In the middle of the room, the sizes were 33 RPF to 24 SWAT. Next, both armies bombed at the same time, with the BSA quickly getting into a plus and the SC copying their formation. Unfortunately for Special Weapons and Tactics, this move resulted in them being completely covered. Despite remaining on top, Rebel Penguin Federation moved to create a V, leaving SWAT in disarray for a minute.

In the second room, the Blue Sunset Alliance managed to increase their size advantage and maintain the fast pace, which let them secure the win.


Pet Shop – Blue Sunset Alliance

This time, the Blue Sunset Alliance took the lead and entered the room ahead of their opponents. Rebel Penguin Federation swiftly formed a circle, while SWAT responded with a V formation, occasionally managing to break through. Once again, RPF maintained a faster pace throughout the room. Next, the Sapphire Concordat saw a significant decrease in troop numbers, leaving only 19 troops, compared to the Blue Sunset Alliance’s 32 online penguins. Despite SWAT’s efforts to set the pace and move first, they found themselves almost completely covered. Their opponents moved as well and crated a triangle, however it was barely distinguishable from their previous formation. The sideways T was a good form choice from Special Weapons and Tactics, although the size disadvantage was too big to overcome. As their last forms, RPF chose an anchor, while SWAT made an X.

Due to the Blue Sunset Alliance being able to maintain the faster pace and a much bigger size, they were able to achieve the victory in this room as well.

The Judges’ Verdict

Shortly after the battle of Icebound, a heated discussion arose in CPA Judges concerning the results. The People’s Imperial Confederation leaders, particularly Shallissa, expressed their concerns. To get more insight, we approached her as well as one of the judges, Revan, for a statement.

Shallissa: Entering this war, we definitely expected to lose some battles, and we weren’t expecting perfection on our end. However, many of us are shocked and appalled by the current results of this war. Being 3-0’d in basically every room, when in many battles we were close in size, just statistically isn’t possible based off of our individual army’s performance in war.

Today’s Invasion of Icebound set a lot of us over the edge. Regardless of anything we improve, scores stay the same, and BSA comes out on top. Judges saying we aren’t visible in rooms when we have dozens of event photos we stand out in just doesn’t make sense. Calling us out for wipes when only one was done in battle just makes us feel like judges aren’t truly paying attention to our performance.

Despite a fluctuating size difference between SWAT and RPF today, I’m beyond impressed with our performance. I tell our troops every day that we improve more and more each battle and pretty soon we’ll have some wins.
It would be a lie if I said we don’t feel discouraged with our losses and the many criticisms of our battle techniques and performance, however our passion for success is stronger than ever and we will continue giving each battle our all.

Revan: Personally i think shalissa being annoyed is justified when you’re constantly losing all 3 rooms in nearly every battle. Of course there may have been battles in the past where they may of felt they deserved wins or ties in rooms but ultimately in this battle it was a clean sweep for BSA. This battle felt like whoever was leading for SC was not used to leading larger armies in battle compared to whoever was leading for BSA but by the end they were gaining more confidence and began to have moments where SC were taking the lead but it would only be in small moments of the final room and when put together with other factors it wasn’t enough to give them a tie after discussing it.

Despite the invasion of Icebound being a close battle, the Blue Sunset Alliance has once again emerged victorious in all three rooms. However, it is worth noting that the initial sizes were very close and the Sapphire Concordat is definitely working hard to improve their performance. Can we expect the tide to turn in the following days? Follow our Live Coverage for the latest updates.

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