Battle Report: Invasion of McDonald’s

On June 4th, the Blue Sunset Alliance attempted another invasion of land belonging to the Army of Club Penguin. Despite the sizes being smaller than those at the Battle of Alabama, it caught a lot of attention due to a Discord outage.

The Battle of McDonald’s was the first Sunday invasion, taking place in the AUSIA time zone. It was also the first time in this conflict where the Blue Sunset Alliance fought under the name of the Rebel Penguin Federation. During the battle, both the judges and the leaders experienced issues with heavily lagging messages, raising questions about whether the battle should continue. Despite the problems, the armies managed to somehow continue the fight, which was a situation without precedence. While the judges decided not to halt the battle, the leaders of Sapphire Concordat decided to contest that decision.


The Sapphire Concordat was first to enter the room and get into an anchor, quickly followed by their opponents, who formed a V formation. At the start of the room, the sizes were nearly equal, reaching 36 for the BSA and 34 for SC. However, towards the end, the gap between the armies increased to 5 members. The defending army moved first, starting to waterfall and wipe but the Blue Sunset Alliance’s tactics made a bigger impact. The wipes were pretty long and far from impactful. Next, the Sapphire Concordat created an X while the attackers formed a plus. Between these two formations, the X proved to be stronger and secured the middle of the room, although the plus formation was not far behind. The BSA moved first this time and formed a backward L, while SC got into an upside-down V shape but concluded the room with another bomb.

Due to neither army having a clear advantage, the room was declared a tie.


snow forts – Blue Sunset Alliance

The Blue Sunset Alliance entered the room first, followed closely by the Sapphire Concordat. The attackers formed an anchor while the defenders created a V shape, and started falling behind in terms of speed. However, two minutes later, when they started wiping the room, the BSA slowed down significantly and did not defend themselves from it, even though it wasn’t particularly impactful. Once SC started creating the form, their opponents decided to bomb, which was a very good choice. The Blue Sunset Alliance then formed a V, while the Sapphire Concordat chose a form that was initially difficult to identify but appeared to be an extended upside-down V. The sizes at this point of the battle were ACP 33-41 RPF. In the middle of the room, the BSA started bombing and formed a backward L shape, while the SC remained in their formation for a while. Eventually, they started wiping once again to later get into a small and rather messy triangle, while their opponent’s formation was much neater and stronger.

Due to their faster pace, impactful movements, clearer formation, and size advantage, the judges determined that the Blue Sunset Alliance emerged victorious in this room.


inside mine – TIE

The Blue Sunset Alliance started the room strongly, forming an L while the Sapphite Concordat created an upsidedown V. At the beginning of the third room, the sizes were ACP 31-40 RPF. The SC then performed another wipe, which judges noted to be repetitive and causing a loss of momentum. Following that, they decided on a triangle, to which the BSA responded with an X, effectively countering the triangle. Both formations had some strong moments in the next couple of minutes.

While the Blue Sunset Alliance maintained a strong presence in the room, the Sapphire Concordat managed to keep up with them, resulting in a tie for this room.


The Judges’ Verdict

To delve deeper into the controversies, we reached out to Popcorny, a CPAJ Head Judge, Rebel Commander Link, and Calgo, the ACP leader, t to gather their perspectives on the battle.

Popcorny: It was certainly an unfortunate predicament for both armies with the discord issues plaguing the battle throughout. Ultimately in the moment I believe most sense was to continue the battle as throughout the Docks, both armies put up a sterling fight so cancelling to me seemed a bit of a cop out. Without precedence or a rule really on this issue, I wasn’t prepared to call for a cancel without both armies’ consent. Either way this has been addressed and with this being a rare occurence, hopefully won’t be an issue going forward.

Link: The battle yesterday was definitely a challenge. Especially being RPF’s first official battle in this war. We noticed the lag problem a couple minutes before the start but didn’t expect it to get that severe. It was very challenging but we managed to adapt using our vc leading and spelling out the tactics there instead of hoping they’d come through text. During the end the atmosphere turned a bit light because of how many out of context messages were coming through, 10 minutes after they were sent. Overall it was one of our most challenging battles and definitely one of our poorer performances but we managed to pull through and adapt.

Calgo: I am utterly disgusted by failures of CPAJ and the inaction by their judges to intervene on a war battle that quite frankly should have been stopped or delayed. Furthermore CPAJ as always is refusing to overturn the battles even though they acknowledge that they messed up thus showing that they are still afraid of armies such as RPF boycotting again. My issues with CPAJ and their decision is as follows:

  • Their should have been intervention regardless of whether or not one side or both we’re experiencing difficulties
  • Prioritizing one sides preference over another when servers and individuals are affected different scales and severities is unfair (Discord Outages does not affect everyone the same due to sharding and only particular servers that Discord runs on going offline)
  • Of course RPF is gonna say no to a stoppage since they are the invading army and it does not affect them if they lose.
  • The argument by judges saying “we didnt notice any difference ingame” is entirely irrelevant and shows how much they don’t care. What should be evaluated is the performance in the Discord on whether to stop or not.
  • How can judges claim that Discord’s outage had no affect on their own judging, if judges were unable to communicate within their group chat within a timely manner? For context judges are supposed to be commenting and writing down what they like and dislike throughout the battle as its going on so they can make a proper evaluation.
  • Of course BSA is gonna try and oppose our issues with what happened yesterday because if roles were reversed they’d be doing the same thing as we are and we’d be doing the same thing as they are hoping and praying CPAJ doesn’t overturn even though it SHOULD.
  • This whole war has shown many major inconsistencies with CPAJ and their judges who have been very much one sided. One such example is CPAJ judges claiming we did a backwards L formation in Snow Forts in one of our battles even though if you review the footage that is not even remotely close to what was shown. These judges either are incapable of providing a sufficient judgment or they are leaning a certain side which I hope is not the case.

Later that day, CPA Judges also released an official statement regarding the situation, establishing a new rule:

Despite the Discord issues, the battle proceeded and resulted in the Blue Sunset Alliance emerging victorious. McDonald’s is now under the possession of the Rebel Penguin Federation, as the Head Judges upheld the verdict, leading to the Sapphire Concordat losing their fourth server. However, according to the leaders, the war is far from over. Will the Sapphire Concordat be able to reclaim McDonald’s, or will their enemies continue to secure new servers? Follow our Live Coverage for the latest updates.

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