Claire, Jojo Teri, Mogi4, and Crazyflame23 Temporarily Promoted To Water Vikings Leadership

Following their war declaration against the Army of Club Penguin, the Water Vikings inducted four staff members as temporary leaders. This move comes in a bid to expand their firepower in face of the ongoing World War IX.

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On June 1st, the Water Vikings and their allies in the Blue Sunset Alliance declared war upon the Army of Club Penguin. In their war post, the Vikings cited the ‘perceived intimidation’ of their allies, the Elite Guardians, as a reason for the war. Moreover, the Vikings also accused ACP leader Calgo of ‘inconsiderate imperialism and ignorance’. In the same post, the Vikings announced the induction of Mogi4, Jojo Teri, Claire and Crazyflame as temporary leaders.

However, the current Viking Commanders made it clear that their position is temporary. The four new leaders are expected to return to their Leader in Training roles once the war ends. Furthermore, the new leaders will not have the same power as current Commanders Dino and Mabel in foreign relations. However, the new leaders will enjoy all privileges in internal matters such as leading battles. The Vikings stated that the four new faces have proven to have the capacity to fulfill their new responsibilities. The promotion serves as a chance for them to grow and one day become permanent leaders.

Temporary Leader induction

Dino and Mabel inducting the four new leaders

Interestingly, all of the four new leaders were originally the Leader in Training ranks of the Vikings. It appears that in a bid to expand their firepower, the Vikings have uplifted their entire LiT rank line to the leader role. However, the success of this decision will only be apparent in the future. Two of the new leaders, Mogi4 and Crazyflame23, were originally members of the Ice Warriors. Both of them joined the Water Vikings earlier this year, following the shutdown of IW.

Meanwhile, Jojo Teri joined the community in June 2021, serving as a leader in the Lime Green Army. He briefly appeared in the ranks of the Templars, before eventually finding his way to the Vikings. Claire joined the Water Vikings as a recruit in September 23, 2020, and has remained there ever since. She is the only new leader that has exclusively served the Vikings.

Club Penguin Armies decided to interview the new leadership inductees to learn more about their plans for the war and their future in the army.

Do you think having six leaders will help the Water Vikings boost their power in this war?

Mogi4: I definitely think that having 6 leaders during a World War is the smart choice. It boosts our efficiency and gets more work done.

Jojo Teri: Yes, I believe having 6 leaders will increase effectiveness as there will be enough leaders on every time zone and it will also help against burnout.

Claire: Definitely, it takes the weight out of the shoulders of the other leaders, we can split tasks and do everything so much better, what’s essential for winning this war and other stuff. Also, beyond the hype of war that we all have, the new leaders are also hyped to be a leader, so we’ll also do our best ever and that can be one of the keys to reach victory.

Crazyflame23: I think having 6 leaders would be more efficient and we can always be active regardless of time-zone.

What do you contribute to the army as a war leader?

Mogi4: I will try my best to be the greatest leader I can be. I will do everything I can to make the Blue Sunset Alliance win this war.

Jojo Teri: As a war leader I will mostly lead war battles. My goal is to win the rooms I will lead.

Claire: I’m here for everything, the army know can count on me for everything, I’m loyal, I’m here for over 2 years, I’ve seen a lot happen to the Water Vikings, wars, tournaments, shutdowns… I’ve been there, I climbed ranks during hard times, and I know how to act in those, i can be of great use for recruits, staff, hcom and for the other leaders in all terms out of learning from those times and that’s what I’m doing.

Crazyflame23: I think recruiting troops and motivating troops to attend these WAR since they are one of the huge factors in WAR.

Do you expect to retain your leader role after the end of the war?

Mogi4: It all depends how this war ends. I don’t have high hopes though and I try not to get too used to my position rn.

Jojo Teri: If I do well during this period of war, I do expect to retain power, though the important part for now is to win the war.

Claire: Sure, at least that is one of the things I’ll work for among the victory for the Blue Sunset Alliance. I want to see this army better and better, i know i can contribute with that as a leader and that’s what I’ll show during my time in this war.

Crazyflame23: Not really TBH, I know that I am not prepared to lead an army yet + IRL commitment.

How do you think the war will end, keeping in mind that ACP has a lot of servers remaining?

Mogi4: In this war anything could happen, and it’s very possible that WV will win. But we will see how it turns out.

Jojo Teri: I am sure that the war will last for a long time, the winner of the war will probably be the one who will be able to withstand the burnout. As SC has many servers the war will probably last for much time if BSA has successful invasions

Claire: This is never predictable, a lot happened in CPA history and a lot can still happen, but I do believe that beyond they have more numbers, we are stronger, so we have the chance to win, and we’ll make it happen.

Crazyflame23: Sunset Alliance winning 100%, WV, EGCP and RPF are top 5 armies for a reason.

In conclusion, the four new temporary leaders are raring to assist the army in the war. However, it is yet to be seen if they will actually shift the tide in favor of the Water Vikings. How will this leadership change help the Water Vikings win the war? Do you think it might lead to internal conflicts after the end of the war?

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