Battle Report: Invasion of Alabama

Last night, the first invasions of World War IX took place. The Sapphire Concordat and the Blue Sunset Alliance clashed in the battle of Water Vikings’ server Alabama, reaching over 120 penguins online prior to the battle.

The battle of Alabama was technically not the first invasion of the conflict. Merely an hour prior, the Blue Sunset Alliance successfully invaded Subzero, Army of Club Penguin territory, without any resistance from their opponents. It would seem the Sapphire Concordat chose to prioritize a more important battle from their perspective – the invasion of Alabama controlled by Water Vikings. Since it is the only server in the possession of WV, its loss would subject the army to a forced treaty. The battle of Alabama witnessed massive sizes, surpassing both the March Madness and the AUSIA Arena Finals.


Stadium – Tie

Sapphire Concordat vs. Blue Sunset Alliance – Room One

Both sides entered the first room, Stadium, equally fast and strong. The Sapphire Concordat wore the ACP’s tag, while the Blue Sunset Alliance used the WV’s uniform. The armies quickly claimed their formations, Army of Club Penguin choosing a plus, while Water Vikings made a circle, which seemed neater and less bunched. At the beginning of the room, the sizes were 61 WV to 43 ACP, the peak maxes of the battle. Both sides moved at a similar time, Army of Club Penguin and their allies wiping a room, while their opponents watefalled and raked. Water Vikings kept moving for a little longer, trying to prevent ACP from creating a neat formation. Eventually however, ACP managed to secure an X, while the Vikings chose an anchor, which proved to be an effective choice, often allowing them to cover the Clovers. They also managed to maintain a slightly faster pace. At this point of the battle, the sizes were 41 ACP to 55 WV. The judges could see bunching penguins and AFK accounts in each formation, which was also exposed by the next ACP’s movement. WV remained in the anchor until the end of the room.

The room was deemed a tie, as the speed and formations were similar.



Sapphire Concordat vs. Blue Sunset Alliance – Room Two

The judges unanimously agreed that this room was a decisive victory for the Blue Sunset Alliance, despite the Sapphire Concordat entering first. The Vikings’ swiftly created an infinity formation, completely covering the Clovers to the point where it was challenging to determine their form After a few minutes, the judges identified it as an upside-down V. At the beginning of the room, the sizes were 36 ACP to 47 WV. ACP moved first, uncovering some AFK troops on their side and began wiping once again, which caused them to lose momentum, particularly after bunching up in the middle. While the Water Vikings maintained their infinity formation, the Army of Club Penguin transitioned to a plus. Now it was the time when WV bombed, and decided to create an L (later switched to a circle), which allowed them to effectively cover their opponents despite having several gaps. At this point, the sizes were 54 WV to 43 ACP. The Clovers moved once again, entering an X formation near the end of the room, losing momentum after bunching in the middle for the second time.

The judges saw the Blue Sunset Alliance dominating this room with their superior formations, speed, and size advantage, which led to them emerging victorious in this room.



Sapphire Concordat vs. Blue Sunset Alliance – Room Three

Both armies entered the room at the same time. The Vikings again chose an anchor shape, to which the Clovers answered with an upside-down V. The maxes were 55 WV vs 42 ACP. At this point in the battle, ACP improved their speed, occasionally sending up to three tactics per one of their opponents, but WV managed to pick up the pace shortly after. Army of Club Penguin was the first to move and began to wipe, which proved to be relatively ineffective compared to the Water Vikings’ bomb, quickly followed by a Z formation. The Clovers continued to wipe for a little longer and settled for a V form, which was initially challenging for the judges to identify. They also started losing their size, falling from 42 to 39, while The Vikings reached 56 penguins in the room. WV stayed in the Z until the end of the battle, ACP however tried to once again bomb the room but it didn’t have much impact.

The judges came to the conclusion that the Blue Sunset Alliance held complete control over the third room, in terms of tactics, forms, and sizes.

The Judges’ Verdict

Despite having six armies on their side, the Sapphire Concordat was unable to invade Alabama. The battle witnessed massive sizes, with the Blue Sunset Alliance achieving 65 members online, while their adversaries claimed a size of 50, making it the largest battle of the year.

Follow the Club Penguin Armies Live Coverage for all World War XIX updates! Will the Blue Sunset Alliance be able to maintain their dominance, or will the Sapphire Concordat turn the tides in the next invasion?”

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