Top Ten Armies [May 21st – May 27th]

As the month of May nears an end, a total of twelve armies have made it to the list. With AUSIA Arena concluding yesterday, there has been some significant shuffling in the armies’ positions, while one of the existing armies did not host any events this week.

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Top Ten Armies

1. Water Vikings [62.58] [↑2]

2. Help Force [46.96] [↑0]

3. Elite Guardians of Club Penguin [44.90] [↑1]

4. Rebel Penguin Federation [39.65] [↑3]

5. People’s Imperial Confederation [38.32] [↑5]

6. Special Weapons and Tactics [37.92] [↑3]

7. Dark Vikings [37.80] [RETURN]

8. Army of Club Penguin [33.00] [↓7]

9. Templars [30.50] [↓1]

10. Penguins of Madagascar [21.46] [↓4]


11T. Napalm Corps [21.00] [↓6]

11T. Dark Pirates of Club Penguin [21.00] [↑0]

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Stat Digest

  • The Help Force had the largest maximum size this week – a total of 47 present at their AUSIA Arena Grand Finals: Help Force vs. Water Vikings.
  • The Elite Guardians of Club Penguin held the most events this week – a total of 8 events.
  • The largest UK/US average size was 25, from the Dark Vikings, while the top AUSIA average size was 47 – achieved by the Help Force.
  • 8/12 armies hosted AUSIA division events this week.
  • The Army of Club Penguin had the largest drop this week, of 7 positions. Meanwhile, the People’s Imperial Confederation had the biggest rise ranking up 5 positions.
  • The Warlords of Kosmos is not present on this week’s Top Ten Armies after failing to host any events.



⚡️ Number of Events: 5

🏅 Maximum Size: 46 at their AUSIA Arena Finals – Battle vs. Help Force.

📈 Top Ten Trend: Up 3 places in the past month.


2. help force

⚡️ Number of Events: 4

🏅 Maximum Size: 47 at their AUSIA Arena Grand Finals: Help Force vs. Water Vikings.

📈 Top Ten Trend: Up 3 places in the past month.


3. ELITE GUARDIANS OF club penguin

⚡️ Number of Events: 8

🏅 Maximum Size: 28 at their Treino de Espaçamento (Spacing Training).

📈 Top Ten Trend: N/A.


⚡️ Number of Events: 4

🏅 Maximum Size: 21 at their Operation: Virtual Victory.

📈 Top Ten Trend: Up 2 places in the past month.


5. People’s Imperial Confederation

⚡️ Number of Events: 6

🏅 Maximum Size: 23 at their “Breaking Krosive: Defence Against the Horde”.

📈 Top Ten Trend: Up 4 places in the past month.



⚡️ Number of Events: 3

🏅 Maximum Size: 23 at their Battle vs. Dark Vikings.

📈 Top Ten Trend: Down 4 places in the past month.


7. Dark Vikings

⚡️ Number of Events: 2

🏅 Maximum Size: 25 at their Invasion against the People’s Imperial Confederation.

📈 Top Ten Trend: Up 0 places in the past month.


8. army of Club Penguin

⚡️ Number of Events: 2

🏅 Maximum Size: 31 at their AUSIA Arena Medal Ceremony.

📈 Top Ten Trend: Down 6 places in the past month.



⚡️ Number of Events: 3

🏅 Maximum Size: 20 at their Battle training and [US] Battle training.

📈 Top Ten Trend: Down 8 places in the past month.


10. Penguins of MADAGASCAR

⚡️ Number of Events: 3

🏅 Maximum Size: 11 at their Friday Night Boom Box Bash.

📈 Top Ten Trend: Down 2 places in the past month.


Thank you to this week’s Top Ten Calculations Committee: Alemax, Dino, Disha, DrQueen, Link3000, Mchappy, Mogi, Omsk, Princhi, Wynn, and Zenishira.


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