Time Capsule: Penguins of Madagascar

Welcome to Time Capsule. This is the column where we ask members questions about their goals and predictions for the year.

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On April 17, Club Penguin Armies announced AUSIA Arena: Summer Edition. A tournament showcasing the strength of armies and their AUSIA division. The second weekend of the Group Stage battles have just concluded and the community has mostly consisted of 3-0-0 sweeps.

Despite still not winning a battle in the tournament, the Penguins of Madagascar have been surprising the community. In their first battle of Group Stage, the orange army had nearly 20 troops in attendance. Judges noted that the Penguins almost tied with the Help Force, an army known for being mostly AUSIA, in the third room. Their ferocious determination to perform well in their only second-ever tournament appearance has definitely been exciting to watch.

AUSIA Arena: Summer Edition Group Stage Week 1

Traditionally small-medium armies do not put many resources into building their AUSIA division. Thus, for this week’s Time Capsule, we reached out to Sweater to learn more about the Penguins growing AUSIA division.

How do you think Penguin of Madagascar’s AUSIA division will look like by the end of the year?

I’m hoping that our AUSIA division will become our best division, but in terms of numbers I have no answer so I’ll say big. AUSIA is an extremely underrated division and having a lack of said division may prove detrimental during conflict.

What will the AUSIA community as a whole look like by the end of the year?

I think that AUSIA Arena is proving that AUSIA is a really powerful division, so I believe more armies will start recruiting more towards AUSIA times. Hopefully this means that the community surrounding those time zones will become bigger and we’ll see an “AUSIA Boom” of sorts.

What are some bigger army-related goals you wish to achieve by the end of the year?

Penguins of Madagascar seek to claim a spot in the top three before the end of the year, possibly number one. Outside of the Top Ten, we would like to start battling more armies. I’d like to be able to say that Penguins of Madagascar successfully defeated every alive army in battle at least once.

What is one skill your leadership wish to master by the end of the year?

Teamwork. Our teamwork and communication is already pretty good, but I’d like to see us master it fully and be the core of a very strong High Command team.

Despite not performing as well in their battle on May 14 against the Army of Club Penguin, the Penguins will next face Napalm Corps in what is sure to be a close battle. Perhaps they will finally get their first win. Will Sweater be able to lead the Penguins to their first ever tournament victory?

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