Dark Pirates Wash Ashore

Last week, the community witnessed the creation of its newest army, the Dark Pirates. Who is this mysterious new competitor, and what do they have planned?

Dark Pirates were created on April 10th, 2023, by Ninja Leader and Tide. The pair previously made the Baseball Team, another small/medium army that raised suspicion of multilogging. Fortunately, they overcame their accusations and maintained sizes of 10 or 12 before merging into the Penguins of Madagascar.

December 24, 2022: Baseball Team’s opening event; multilogging accusations followed.

The army officially opened its doors on May 6th with a training event where 12 penguins participated. Following the event, they quickly signed up for Club Penguin Armies‘ league, giving them access to benefits such as the world map and army board. The intentions of the Pirates, now that they have arrived, remain uncertain. However, an event titled “LAND INVADING TRAINING” was recently posted on their Discord server. This could mean that they are planning to enter the world map and possibly stir up the competition. It will be interesting to see where the army will rank on the weekly Top Ten Armies.

A Dark Pirates of Club Penguin event that has 12 soldiers online in a vertical line formation.

May 6th, 2023: Dark Pirates’ opening event with 12 soldiers in a vertical line

To learn more, Club Penguin Armies approached Tide to give more insight into the creation of and plans for the Dark Pirates.

What led to the creation of the Dark Pirates?

Ninja leader and I decided to team up and create another army after we saw how successful our last army [Baseball Team] was.

How did you come up with the army name?

We originally wanted to call the army the burritos of club penguin, however when we discovered that an army with that name already existed we decided to come up with the name “dark pirates”. We were unsure of the name at first but we eventually settled on it.

What’s your goal for the army, and how will you achieve it?

Our main goal for the Dark Pirates are to expand our size and to secure high positions within the top ten Armies list by recruiting and hosting events. Basically we hope to achieve what we tried to do with BCP before it closed

Where do you see Dark Pirates three months from now?

I hope to see the army become even more successful within the next 3 months, I believe that the Dark pirates have the opportunity to become a really powerful Army if we play our cards right.

From the interview, Tide seems hopeful that Dark Pirates can do well. It is always a hit or miss when it comes to new armies in the community. Often, people overlook the hard work that goes into making a successful army, especially in 2023. Hopefully, with Ninja Leader and Tide at the helm, the army will break out and prove that it is still possible to create your own army and do well.

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