Magma Clan Declares War On Penguins Of Madagascar

One day after the War of Conquest concluded, the Magma Clan declared war on the Penguins of Madagascar. Can the agents fend off these back-to-back attacks?

On April 1st, Special Weapons and Tactics and the Penguins of Madagascar signed a treaty. Dubbed the Pact of Women’s History Month, the treaty suspended hostilities until both sides’ concerns regarding the judges are resolved. Following the declaration of the treaty, the Penguins of Madagascar scheduled three invasions of unclaimed servers.

However, their hopes for a peaceful period of growth and recovery quickly crumbled. Magma Clan’s leader Lukey released a blog post declaring war on the POM, scheduling an invasion of Moscow. In the war declaration post, Lukey cited the agents’ extreme reliance on allies and their ‘anti-SWAT personality’ as reasons for declaring war. It’s worth noting that the Magma Clan currently doesn’t own any servers on the Club Penguin Armies map.

The war terms specified by the Magma Clan in their declaration

However, the POM leadership claimed their ‘Pact of Women’s History Month’ wasn’t a formal treaty with SWAT. As per their view, the War of Conquest only entered a hiatus. The administration refuted this, deeming the POM-SWAT pact as the conclusion to the conflict, and thus validating Magma Clan’s war declaration.

Additionally, there was confusion over league rules, which led to the administration revoking Magma Clan’s 11th war term. The term aimed to reduce fatigue and burnout by restricting war battle timing. However, a general rule already existed that prohibited multiple invasions in the same time zone to achieve the same result.

Chief Executive Producer Wynn announcing the invalidation of term number 11.

After the 11th term was revoked, POM leader Logical announced the start of the war in their Discord server. In his message, he conveys the agents’ intention to dominate their opponents in this war.

Logical’s announcement in the Penguins of Madagascar server

Club Penguin Armies reached out to leaders from both sides of the conflict for a statement on this war.

Lukey: I declared war because I was bored and haven’t had a legitimate 1v1 war in a while. Obviously magma clan is gonna win this war because it’s been planned out for some time now. Honestly I was surprised how POM tried chickening out of the war despite them talking more shit than me. Pretty ironic.

Our media team reached out to Logical and Rye for a statement. They denied a written statement, opting only for the :kek emote.

Logical: :KEK:

The Magma Clan seems to be eager to defeat the POM agents and acquire some land. Meanwhile, the POM troops are in top form following their recent war with SWAT. The Magma Clan’s lack of servers could prolong this war until they successfully invade a POM server. How long will the war last? Which side will end up dominating this war? 

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