The Night Changes as One Direction Army Returns

Amidst all the rising controversies, the One Direction Army recently made its return after almost 2 years of shutting down.

The One Direction Army was created in April 2020 by Aubz, Mare, Frankie, and Izzie. Although originally created as a meme army, they would go on to rise to great heights. They took part in Legends Cup X, reaching sizes of 20 and above. They also participated in the very first Beach Brawl tournament but unfortunately lost out to The Black Order in the first round. 

ODA v Dark Bandits; Legends Cup X

The army fell into inactivity in early 2021, reviving later on June 20 of the very same year, but unfortunately shut down once more. With a new year on the horizon, however, the army has yet again decided to reopen its doors to the community. They held their revival event on March 14, with 12 troops in attendance. This marks the beginning of the army’s third generation, which will be led by Mare and Aubz.

ODA’s revival event

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Aubz, to learn more about this generation and their plans for the army.

What is the reason behind re-opening the army?

I wanted to reopen the army because it is a fan favorite and multiple people have told me too! ODA has a special place in my heart always.

Would this army function as any other army in this community, or has this just been revived for fun?

This is totally for fun that’s always what ODA’s been about

Where do you see the army going in a few months?

I see this army being a safe place for everyone to have fun within in a couple of months and having lots of fun with friends from eve there in the community.

What you have planned for the army, and how are you thinking to execute these plans?

I don’t really have any plans right now but I’m open to whatever and wherever the army takes us ODAONTOP

While One Direction might still be on hiatus, the One Direction army is certainly back, with Aubz and Mare all set to light the stage on fire with their talents. We wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors.

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