March Madness VIII: Quarter-Finals Round Predictions

The quarter-final round of March Madness VIII will begin on March 18 with 7 armies left to fight in the tournament. We reached out to various members of the community for their predictions. Let’s see what they have to say!

The quarter-finals of March Madness VIII are all set to begin. Seven Armies will be participating, and this round will contain some action-packed battles, with only four of the armies advancing to the semi-finals! The community predictions are as follows:

Dark Vikings vs. Ice Warriors

To kick off this round, the Dark Vikings will face the Ice Warriors. However, in light of recent controversies, the Ice Warriors have shut down, and will not be partaking in this year’s March Madness. The Dark Vikings need only show up to win and proceed to the semi-final.

A recent Dark Vikings event

Army of Club Penguin vs. Rebel Penguin Federation

The second battle of the round will see two long-time rivals facing off against one another, as the Army of Club Penguin will face off against the Rebel Penguin Federation. Neither side is a stranger to tournaments, having fought one another multiple times before. This battle is predicted to be the closest one thus far, with both armies having maxed over 40 in the qualifiers.

A recent event of the Rebel Penguin Federation

Wynn, CPA Chief Executive Producer: Rebel Penguin Federation win (2-1-1 after overtime). This battle has a potential to be a very close and exciting one and may go into overtime. During the last round, ACP proved they are capable of achieving a high max and performing very well, nevertheless RPF is still an exceptionally well trained army with good leaders and many victories, which makes them a really hard opponent, even if their max is slightly lower.

Disha, CPA Editor in Chief: Army of CP win (1-0-2). I think this is going to be a really close and intense battle. RPF are known to be the tournament giants, and have always performed incredibly well in battles, maxing huge sizes. However, my gut feeling is telling me that this MM will be different. Given their commendable efforts and dedication in the last round, I think the Clovers have proved most of us who had predicted the battle to go the other way, wrong. Their zeal to win, and determination might be the thing that eventually stands out. Regardless, and like I said earlier, this will not be an easy battle for both sides, but I wish them luck, and may the odds be ever in their favour!

Super, CPA Advisor: Rebel Penguin Federation win (2-1-1 after overtime). This is definitely going to be an extremely close battle, with two armies with huge legacy and tournament history that also have been opponents multiple times in the past. When it comes to close tournament battles however, I feel RPF has historically been proven to be the most dependable army and therefore I believe they will advance in overtime after fierce combat.

Ferd, CPA Associate Editor: Army of CP win (2-1-1 after overtime). While RPF is a dominant force in tournaments, round 1 showed us the scale of preparation ACP has been doing to come out on top and clinch the trophy. It will definitely be very close so it’s not very easy to predict but I this time I’ll go with ACP seeing their momentum and early success.

DrQueen, CPA Advisor and Community Committee head: RPF Win (2-1-1 Overtime). ACP pulled an impressive performance last week against Water Vikings, but RPF has dominated various tournaments and their Veteran Pool, speed, beautiful forms and creative is what is going to give them the upper hand for this battle. I honestly think this battle is going to be a very close battle, that is pushed into overtime.

Special Weapons and Tactics vs. Templars

For the third battle of the round, the Special Weapons And Tactics will be fighting the Templars of Club Penguin for a spot in the semi-finals. The two armies have a great deal of history between them, having gone to war multiple times over the past few years. With both armies being major armies, and reaching high maxes, this surely is going to be an intense fight!

A recent SWAT event

Wynn, CPA Chief Executive Producer: SWAT win (2-1-0). This will certainly be a very interesting battle to watch and a one with an outcome hard to anticipate. In my opinion their maxes may be similar but SWAT seemed to battle and train more than Templars hence my prediction.

Disha, CPA Editor in Chief: SWAT win (2-1-0). It’s no mystery that the Templars have faced a major dip in their size as seen from the outcome in their events and of occassionally cancelling practice battles against other armies. I choose to believe that they will be maxing high for MM, however, I feel SWAT has been working hard and have been able to hold consistent sizes during their events, keeping their training events going. Both armies have kept up with the hype for this tourney, and while Templars have fared extremely well in past tourneys, the size, amongst other factors will determine everything about the results of this battle. I think this will be a close battle as well, and I wish both armies the very best.

Super, CPA Advisor: Templars win (2-1-1 after overtime). Another extremely close battle, with two very powerful and experienced armies. I give an advantage to Templars due to their truly amazing performance in the last year, however after Xing’s and Racecar’s retirements the army evidently has dropped in power so it’s going to be a close one in my opinion.

Ferd, CPA Associate Editor: Templars of CP win (2-1-1 after overtime). Though the Templars have tumbled down since Xing retired, they are still a strong army and they will look to continue their tournament success. But this will be a very very close battle, and if SWAT have a healthy size I think they’ll have the upper hand when it comes to tactics and speed. I really look forward to this match up, it’ll be interesting to see how both armies esp templars pull up and imo speed and creativity will be key here.

DrQueen, CPA Advisor and Community Committee head: SWAT Win (2-1-0). This battle is going to be an interesting one. Recently, both armies have been maxing similar in regular training events/pbs so it can be close too. Though, I have noticed SWAT being more consistant in their trainings and battles, which is all good practice compared to TCP. TCP does have a chance tho if they go full force and could probably force it into overtime depending how many people they bring, but I think SWAT has a chance of securing the win.

Penguins of Madagascar vs. Help Force

The final battle of the quarter-finals will see the Penguins of Madagascar clash against the Help Force. The Help Force has a long history of tournaments and wars, while the Penguins of Madagascar have little to no experience on the battlefield. Help Force is also a major army, while the Penguins of Madagascar are small/medium.

A recent Help Force event

Wynn, CPA Chief Executive Producer: Help Force win (3-0-0). Help Force took the highest spot in the seedings and, as one of the major armies, I expect them to win all three rooms against Penguins of Madagascar who maxed 10 in the previous round.

Disha, CPA Editor in Chief: Help Force win (3-0-0). POM is just starting off as an army and they have been doing great with their progress. However, I still think they need some more preparation before they can take part in tournaments. I still hope to be proven wrong in this though. HF has that experience and are known to dominate the battlefield, so I am sure they will be giving it their all, so for me I see this battle as a three room victory for HF. I wish both armies the very best

Super, CPA Advisor: Help force win (3-0-0). Help Force are a known dependable tournament stronghold, while Penguins of Madagascar are the clear underdog. While POM is definitely a promising army, I believe it will take them a bit longer until they have a chance in taking down one of the historic major forces of the CPPS era.

Ferd, CPA Associate Editor: Help Force win (3-0-0). While POM is a very promising army, HF’s calibre in tournaments cannot be understated. They have time and again proved that if things go right, they can surely clinch the trophy and have proven to be a real powerhouse in the past. I’ll also give this one to HF on account of experience in battles, they’re really consistent with results and will look to advance into the semis.

DrQueen, CPA Advisor and Community Committee head: HF Win (3-0-0).  The battle here is going to come down to size where Help Force will probably max significantly larger than POM, automatically claiming all three rooms.

This weekend is surely going to be exhilarating, with two long-time rivals clashing to secure their spot in the semis. Club Penguin Armies wishes all armies participating good luck in their battles. What are your predictions, and who do you think will advance to the semi-finals? 

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