March Madness VIII: Qualifiers Round Predictions

March Madness VIII is set to commence on March 11 with a grand total of eleven armies participating. Various members of the community have been asked for their predictions for Round One. Let’s take a look at what they have to say!

The eighth edition of March Madness is bound to begin this Saturday, March 11. Six of the eleven armies will be participating in the first round of this historic competition, but only three can advance to the next round! Let’s see who the community predicts will win each of the three battles!

Warlords of Kosmos vs. Penguins of Madagascar

To kick off the tournament, the Warlords of Kosmos will be battling the Penguins of Madagascar. They are both decently new armies, both being made in the past month. The winner of this match will face the Help Force in the Quarter Finals. The outcome of this battle might be obvious to some, but it will definitely be an interesting one. Although it’s predicted that the Penguins of Madagascar will win, we may not underestimate the Warlords of Kosmos!

A recent Penguins of Madagascars event

Disha, CPA Editor in Chief: Penguins of Madagascar victory (2-1-0)

Sanya, CPAJ Judge: Penguins of Madagascar victory (3-0-0)

DrQueen, CPA Advisor: I personally believe Penguins of Madagascar to secure round 1 (3-0-0). I see more consistency in their events and doing more PBs compared to WOK, which all is really good training leading up to the tournament season. Plus POM’s size average is higher than WOKs’ for the most part so I do expect for them to come out at full force.

Kally, CPAJ Judge: For this pairing I think the Penguins of Madagascar will dominate it (3-0-0). Not only did they show larger sizes in the recent past, but they also have the comedic advantage, so I’m sure their tactics will be hilarious.

Nicky, Templars Leader: I believe this battle could be close as they are pretty even, but I think the Penguins of Madagascar will win (2-1-0) due to no allies and the Warlords do use some allies.

People’s Imperial Confederation vs. Dark Vikings

For the second battle of the tournament, and of the day, the People’s imperial Confederation will be facing the Dark Vikings in an interesting battle. While the Dark Vikings might have the Top Ten advantage achieving second place in last week’s Top Ten, the People’s imperial Confederation army have more experience when it comes to tournaments. The winner of this match will face the Ice Warriors in the Quarter Finals. Yet again, the results of this battle might be obvious to some.

A recent Dark Vikings event

Disha, CPA Editor in Chief: Dark Vikings victory (1-2-0)

Sanya, CPAJ Judge: Dark Vikings victory (2-1-1)

DrQueen, CPA Advisor: This one is going to be interesting, but I am going to say Dark Vikings victory (2-1-0). I have seen a lot of growth from army within the past couple of weeks, and given this week they recently secured #2, their size prob will be an advantage when it comes to the overall win. However, you cannot underestimate PIC. PIC is an army with really experienced leaders and has more experience in tournaments which sets them up for a potential win as well. There is that chance PIC can come out at full force, but I’ve been seeing PIC primary hosting AUSIA event, so it would be interesting to see if their US/EU division pulls through to help.

Kally, CPAJ Judge: Dark Vikings have been pretty impressive in the last few weeks considering their humble beginnings way back when. Nevertheless I feel like we can’t underestimate the People’s Imperial Confederation, so I think they could at least steal 1 room from DV if enough people show up. Dark Vikings victory (2-1-0).

Nicky, Templars Leader: I think Dark Vikings will win this one (2-0-1). For the current generations, the Vikings have been around longer and they are maxing more than People’s imperial Confederation are, and they can do pretty good in battles, however in its previous generations, the Peoples imperial Confederation was a powerful SM army.

Water Vikings vs. Army of Club Penguin

For the final battle of the first round, we see the Water Vikings against the Army of Club Penguin. This fight surely is going to be intense! Both armies are expected to give a good fight, but unfortunately, only one can win. The winner of this match will face the Rebel Penguin Federation in the Quarter Finals.

A recent Water Vikings vs. Army of Club Penguin Practice Battle.

Disha, CPA Editor in Chief: Water Vikings victory (1-2-0)

Sanya, CPAJ Judge: Army of Club Penguin victory (2-0-1)

DrQueen, CPA Advisor: Going to give this one to Water Vikings (2-1-0) because Water Vikings during tournament season is a force to not be reckoned with. Their leaders and HCOV really know how to motivate their troops and their troops stamina during tournament season is for sure impressive, given a lot of well-trained veterans come out to support them as well. You can tell they have been preparing for this for a while. Though ACP and WV tends to max similarly at points, so there is that chance sizes can match between both armies during round one.

Kally, CPAJ Judge: This will definitely be the closest battle of round one, and I’m guessing both will show up with similar sizes. However, Water Vikings can be quite impressive in tournaments, which we saw in the Legends Cup. For that reason I’m leaning towards the Water Vikings victory (2-1-1 after overtime), although it will not be easy (@ judges double OT!).

Nicky, Templars Leader: The biggest and closest battle of them all, both have shown they can build up hype well and get a lot of people in. I think the battle could go into overtime if both armies bring a lot, however I think the Water Vikings will win (2-1-1) due to them being able to pull in more vets, and they could probably perform better.

Now, all we can do is sit back and enjoy the show! This edition of March Madness is surely going to be exciting, with plenty of history made. Club Penguin Armies wishes all armies participating good luck in their battles. Which armies, do you think, will make it to the next round? 

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