Top Ten Armies of The Year: 2022 in Statistics

The army community is bringing in the new year, but there is always a time to reflect on the previous twelve months. The CPA Team is proud to present an in-depth look at the statistics behind the community, in 2022’s Top Ten Armies of the Year.

To put the Top Ten Armies of 2022 together, we had to not only include the data gathered since Club Penguin Armies’ creation in July but also use the Top Ten posts published before this time. The decision was made to use only Club Penguin Army Headquarters’ statistics for this, as they were using the same formula as the one currently used by CPA. Another obstacle was Club Penguin Rewritten’s closure in April, which resulted in two weeks without any Top Ten being published.

Before we delve into all the analysis, we would like to express our gratitude to AgentFrog1, who once again put the statistics and calculations together, as well as provided graphics for this post. Special thanks to Rowan Alden for managing the calculations.

Top Ten Armies of 2022

1. Templars [1018] [4]

2. Rebel Penguin Federation [914] [0]

3. Help Force [882] [0]

4. Ice Warriors [840] [3]

5. Army of Club Penguin [722] [↓1]

6. Water Vikings [721] [0]

7. Special Weapons and Tactics [665] [↑1]

8. Mercenaries [332] [NEW]

9. Lime Green Army [306] [↑29]

10. Secret Service [291] [↑10]

Close to the top ten

11. Silver Empire [244] [↓4]

12. Red Ravagers [178] [↓2]

13. Dark Vikings [118] [5]

14. Night Warriors [116] [NEW]

15. Bose DK Warriors [108] [↑15]

Click here to see the totals for all armies.

Top Ten scores of the top armies of 2022
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2022 in Statistics

Top Score of The Year

The overall highest score this year was the Templars‘ total in the week concluding 30th July 2022. Their result of 94.29 rounds out the top 10 scores of the year, all of which were achieved by the Templars.

Longest Streak at #1

The army that held the #1 spot the longest was the Templars, who spent a huge 47 weeks at the top of the table. Starting with January 15th, they held the top spot until the Army of Club Penguin broke the streak in the week ending 24th December.

Most Weeks at #1

Featured in the top spot the most times throughout the year were the Templars. During 2022, they topped the table in 49 of the 51 weeks with a Top Ten this year.

The only other two armies to reach the top spot were the Ice Warriors in January and the Army of Club Penguin in December, bookending the Templars’ winning streak.

Largest Score Range

For the second year in a row, the Army of Club Penguin was the army with the largest gap between their highest and lowest results, with a range of 57.54. Their highest score was 70.54 in December and their lowest was 13 in July.

The second longest score range went to Special Weapons and Tactics with 56.99. Their highest score was 68.99 in August and their lowest was February’s 12.

The third largest gap between top and bottom results was the Ice Warriors‘ 55.42. Their highest score, 77.42, was achieved in the first Top Ten of the year, and their lowest was 22, which they achieved in November.

Armies With Appearances in Every Top Ten

In the past year the community has faced many obstacles, including Club Penguin Rewritten’s closure, several tournaments’ controversies, and putting our differences aside in order to eventually create the Club Penguin Armies organization. We look forward to 2023 with enthusiasm, hoping to overcome the current challenges that we face and not cease to improve.

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