The 12 Days of Christmas: 2022 Club Penguin Army Edition

With the holiday season well underway, to get into the festive spirit, CPA’s Community Committee department are delighted to present their version of the holiday classic: The 12 days of Christmas!

Last year, Club Penguin Army Headquarters published the first army edition of the 12 days of Christmas, consisting of various top moments throughout the year. Therefore, continuing on the tradition, the Community Committee are proud to present to you, The 12 Days of Christmas: 2022 Club Penguin Army Edition!

On the twelfth day of Christmas, Club Penguin Armies gave to me…


❆ 12 Free servers Ice Warriors transferred to the Army of Club Penguin after the war declaration,


 11 Months the Templars as #1 on the top Ten,


 10 Armies that StrawsHats declared war on,


❅ 9 Weeks of fighting over the CPAHQ and CPAN merge (April – June),


❆ 8 8-1 Rebel Penguin Federation’s Summer Sovereignty War Win Streak,


❅ 7 Army league board members standing,


❆ 6 Amies left on the Top Ten column (As of December),


❅ 5 Major retirements in October (Aaronstone, DrQueen, Freedomist, Max, and Wynn),


❆ 4 Four armies declaring war on Special Weapons and Tactics,


❅ 3 CPPS shutdowns (CPR, Yukon, CPBrasil),


❆ 2 Penguins Pandor Multilogged to disqualify SWAT From LCXII,


❅ and, 1 Brain cell Spotty and Crazzy have left to deal with CPA <3

A special thank you to the Community Committee Team for putting this together! From everyone here at Club Penguin Armies,  Happy Holidays!

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