Christmas Chaos XII: Round Two Results

The Semi-finals Round of Christmas Chaos XII has now concluded, with two armies having secured their place in the Grand Finals next week. Find out who they are, and what happened during this extremely close round.

Round Two of Christmas Chaos XII saw two battles, both a repeat of the previous Christmas Chaos XI. First up, two allies met on the battlefield as the Help Force went up against the Rebel Penguin Federation. Meanwhile, they were followed the next day by the Ice Warriors and Templars.

Help Force vs. Rebel Penguin Federation

The second round of the Christmas Chaos XII tournament begun with the Help Force up against the Rebel Penguin Federation. Both armies proved their strength in the battle, leaving the third room with a tie, causing the two armies to end up in overtime. However, at the end of the overtime, the judges announced the Rebel Penguin Federation as the victors of the battle, granting them a place in the Grand Finals round next week.

Winner: Rebel Penguin Federation

Ice Warriors vs. Templars

The second battle of this round saw the Ice Warriors face the Templars. Both armies were almost even in size, causing a tie in both of the first two rooms. However, in the last room the judges decided to give the win to the Templars because of their riskier formations, as well as managing to cover the Ice Warriors for most of the room. Therefore, we see the Templars secure the last remaining spot in the Grand Finals.

Winner: Templars

After confirmation from the Head Judges regarding the review of the Ice Warriors and the Templars battle, the Semi-Finals of Christmas Chaos XII has now completed. The Grand Final will witness the Rebel Penguin Federation go up against the Templars. Club Penguin Armies wishes both armies the best of luck as they compete against each other in hope of being crowned the Christmas Chaos XII Champion.

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