Top 5 Moments of November

November has been full of surprises in the army community. As we near the end of another year, let’s look at how November has been, with the top five moments of this month.

Like how it is done every month, the Club Penguin Armies staff team came together and hosted an internal vote for what we believed to be the ‘Top Five Moments’ of November 2022. This includes moments that have resulted in a significant impact on the community as a whole whether that be a hiatus, retirement, scandal, or a spicy war.

5. Double Deck the Halls Battle: Four Army Showdown

Written by: Mchappy 

Tournaments are usually hosted by community accepted websites like our very own, but it’s always a little special when an army decides to host a little community magic themselves. On November 26, the Army of Club Penguin hosted a holiday-themed battle known as the Double Deck the Halls. The battle witnessed four armies put into pairs as they battled throughout three different rooms for 30 minutes, and was inspired by a tournament the aforementioned army attempted hosting all the way back in 2008. As for teams, the Clovers and the Dark Vikings became the Santa Army whereas the Help Force and Mercenaries turned into Evergreen Trees. In the end, the host army’s duo ended up winning the Double Deck the Halls. The battle saw over 50 members come together.

Double Deck the Halls

4. Water Vikings and Templars’ Momentary War 

Written by: Disha

On November 2, the Templars declared war on the Water Vikings. In their war declaration post, the Knights stated that they were tired of the Vikings’ constant disrespect of the Templars’ troops, their leaders, and their name, and hence, wanted to take action against the same. Soon after their declaration, the Vikings deemed the Knights’ war terms as invalid and redeclared war on the Templars with their own war terms, which the Templars then accepted. In a war that lasted for two days resulting in two battles, both armies agreed to a cessation treaty after, with the war between them being announced as a tie. As sudden as the initial declaration was, the war came to an abrupt end as well, resulting in peace once again between the Templars and the Water Vikings.

Templars and Water Vikings in war

3. Ice Warriors Silently Depart from CPA

Written by: Aaronstone

On October 20, the Army of Club Penguin declared war on the Ice Warriors, however, there were no battles fought in this war as the Ice Warriors decided to transfer their remaining servers to the Clovers, surrendering to the war. Ice Warriors then pulled themselves out of the Club Penguin Armies league, with IceQueen1020, one of the army’s current leaders, stating that they are not shutting down as an army and that one does not have to be a part of the league or be featured in the league Top Ten to be an army. She also stated that the army was focusing on building its community back up as it was dying and that they will continue to host Club Penguin-related events, without being part of the league. However, Ice Warriors is still participating in community tournaments like the upcoming Christmas Chaos tournament.

A recent event of the Ice Warriors

2. Christmas Chaos XII Announcement

Written by: Nicky

On November 21, the Christmas Chaos XII tournament was announced. This year, the tournament will be running for three weeks as seven armies compete for the final trophy of the year. In the Southern Conference, the Rebel Penguin Federation prepares to face Special Weapons and Tactics while the Army of Club Penguin and the Help Force get ready for a rematch of Legends Cup XII in the Grinch Conference. The Frost Conference has the Ice Warriors and the Mercenaries go against each other to see who will battle the Templars in the semifinals.

Christmas Chaos XII

1. Water Vikings Announce Temporary Hiatus 

Written by: Disha

On November 13, the Water Vikings announced that they would be closing temporarily, citing staff burnout and a general “slow-down in the community as a whole” as reasons. Aaronstone, one of the army’s former leaders, stated that the army lost a lot of its steam after the Legends Cup and the war against the Templars, but is intending to open its gates once again in January 2023, pertaining to a fresh start. The army is continuing to remain active as a gaming and hangout server for the time being but has terminated its activities and responsibilities as an army, until next year.

Water Vikings announce temporary hiatus

With the month of November over with, there’s only one more month until the new year! What exciting events will unravel during Christmas Chaos XII and other happenings?

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