Top 5 Moments of October

Spooky Season has officially ended in the army community, but which event was crowned the top moment of October? 

As every month, the Club Penguin Armies staff team came together and hosted an internal vote for what we believed to be the ‘Top Five Moments’ of October 2022. This includes moments that have resulted in a significant impact on the community as a whole, whether that be a war, retirement, or scandal.


5. Club Penguin Armies Host Community-wide Monster Mash

Written by: Disha

Last Sunday, a spooky gathering of three armies – the Special Weapons and Tactics, the Army of Club Penguin, and the Water Vikings – took place, followed by a thrilling mystery to solve. This community meet-up was referred to as the Monster Mash. Organized by the Club Penguin Armies, the agents from Special Weapons and Tactics emerged victorious in this community event, winning the first room, and tieing with the Army of Club Penguin in the second room. The Army of Club Penguin placed 2nd, and the judges awarded the Water Vikings with Best Costume. Given that Halloween was knocking on our doors, this event was an attempt to get our spooky spirits up, and engage with the army community as supernatural creatures.


4. Army of CP Declares War on Ice Warriors in a Short-lived Dispute 

Written by: Nicky

On October 20th, the Army of Club Penguin declared war on the Ice Warriors. The reason was unknown, but later on, Clover Commander Calgo stated that they declared war on the Warriors to “end the age of isolation and antiwar ideals.” Moreover, the Ice Warriors were seen as a weak target in the Black Ice Alliance, as they chose not to participate in the Legends Cup XII tournament. In response to the war declaration, the Ice Warriors chose to transfer their remaining land to the Army of Club Penguin, therefore surrendering the war. The majority of the Warriors’ land had already gone to the Water Vikings, and the Rebel Penguin Federation only minutes before the declaration.


3. Max Bids Farewell to the Club Penguin Armies’ Administration

Written by: Kally

To everybody’s surprise, October saw Max depart from Club Penguin Armies administration team. With tenure in five different media organizations over the years, Max always delighted readers with his witty writing and quick coverage of any topics, whether they were live updates on evolving situations or multilogging investigations. In his lengthy retirement post, Max explained how for two and a half years, the community had been his first priority, and that now was the time for him to take a step back, and focus on himself. A mini-memoir in five parts, summing up his media journey can be read in his retirement post, along with a collection of his favorite, and most memorable posts. In the name of the community, and the CPA Media Team, thank you Max for everything you’ve taught us, and all the best for your future endeavors!


2. Pandor Caught Multilogging; SWAT Disqualified from LCXII

Written by: Mac

On October 4th, Special Weapons and Tactics were disqualified from the Legends Cup XII. An investigation by the CPA Administration discovered that their leader, Pandor, multilogged two penguins in their round one battle warm-ups against the Rebel Penguin Federation. In collaboration with the CPA Battleground creator, Superhero123, investigation findings were presented to the SWAT leadership, but Pandor lacked a response. After weighing the evidence against SWAT’s response, the administration concluded that the multilogging occurred beyond an acceptable uncertainty. In addition to a disqualification, the army received a deduction in the week’s Top Ten, and the Rebel Penguin Federation advanced into the semi-final round to battle against the Templars for a place in the grand finals.


1. Templars Win Legends Cup XII

Written by: Mogi

The 12th annual Legends Cup tournament occurred a bit later in the year than usual. The Templars were crowned the winners on October 15th after beating the Water Vikings in the grand finals, and the previous champions, the Rebel Penguin Federation in the semi-finals. Despite the Templars maintaining a significant size advantage throughout the entire grand final, the Water Vikings put up a good fight, taking the final room. With a peak of 60 troops, the Templars remained strong and managed to cover the Vikings for most of the battle. The judges’ verdict read 2-0-1, crowning the Templars as winners of Legends Cup XII and awarding them with their first major tournament win.


The month of October proved itself to be quite rocky, with plenty of armies experiencing late drops, and many shufflings in the weekly Top Tens. With an eventful month behind us, what can we expect of November? Which top 5 moments await us in the weeks to come?

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