Lime Green Army Announces New Leaders As They Prepare to Move to Greener Pastures

Two new leaders have been promoted within the Lime Green Army following an announcement by the army’s creator. However, their time is limited as the army plans to become a gaming community by November.

Master0 joined armies back in 2019. She found her way back to the Limes during its reboot in May of this year. Since rejoining the lime army, she’s been a key player in its success over the summer. Tide was recruited to the Limes on May 31, 2022 from the private server known as New Club Penguin. He was promoted to Leader in Training earlier this month thanks to his activity. Both relatively hold little leading experience.

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The two will join Jojo Teri and Mac at the leader helm, but they are not the only ones to have been promoted. In fact, a slew of promotions into Higher Command were given out to those deemed loyal and trustworthy. As the army prepares to step away from our community and transition into gaming focused, the promotions feel like one last hurrah before send off. Despite the multiple comeback attempts, the Limes have been a key small-medium army during this new generation of armies especially during late 2019.

Recent event on New Club Penguin

Club Penguin Armies sat down with Lime Green Army creator, Greeny, on his ambitions with the army.

What are your expectations for Master0 and Tide as new leaders?

Both Master0 and Tide have been putting in a lot of effort since they first joined the Lime Green Army. Throughout ups and downs, they have always returned to what I consider their home. My expectations are that they have fun and enjoy our final month as an army.

What is the army’s goal come November? Will the transition to a gaming community happen immediately or over time?

The goal is to remove the toxicity and drama that stems from the CPA community. We have a very nice and solid community, the only issues mainly stem from CPA drama being brought into our chat. So, we are departing from that. It will be a slow transition, as we had already started to host events on other games. We will still play New Club Penguin as it is quite an enjoyable remake of the game.

The past few months have seen the Limes constantly in the midst of drama and war. Based off Greeny’s second answer, while the Limes may be stepping away from the community as whole, they are still interested in hosting Club Penguin events. Could this leave the door open for another revival down the road?

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  1. AhsokaTano24 October 22, 2022 (6:05 pm)

    I support LGA wherever they go! I wish them the best of luck on their next journey!

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