Community War Ends As Strawhats Shut Down

After declaring war on the entire army community a week ago, the Strawhats have shut their doors. The move concludes the community-wide war and removes an impactful small army from the board.

Strawhats Shut Down

On July 27, Austin, Greeny, and TD999, officially embarked on their pirate journey, opening Strawhats. Their initial goal was to cause havoc in the army community and expand the One Piece fan base. Although they initially kept quiet in the first weeks of their existence, they made themselves known when they declared war on Special Weapons and Tactics. However, the controversial surrender by the SWAT Agents saw the administration step in, invalidating the treaty and forcing them to surrender to the other four participating armies.

Strawhats shut down

A recent Strawhats event

When the Templars declared war on the Strawhats, the pirates wasted no time expanding the war to every army in the community, barring the Mercenaries and Cherries. Since their declaration, the Strawhats have been unsuccessful in winning any additional territory. However, they appeared to be having fun, causing a stir in the community. With only one piece of land left to their name and an invasion already scheduled by the Templars, the Strawhats exit with nothing more to lose. In their final event, which was supposed to be an invasion of Ice Warrior territory, the Strawhats said goodbye to their crewmates and concluded their series.

Strawhats vs Ice Warriors

Strawhats’ invasion of the North Pole against the Ice Warriors

Club Penguin Armies reached out to TD999 to learn why the Strawhats suddenly closed, despite the ongoing war.

What led to your decision to shut down Strawhats?

Our notoriety was getting so out of hand that the FBI practically begged us to spare all the armies who piss their pants daily because of our presence in the community.

When you first opened in July, you said you wanted “to terrorize CPA.” Do you feel you have accomplished that?

Of course, we succeeded. At least ten people came to my DMs asking me to stop the wars and offered monetary payment and exclusive feet pics, so I’d say we did. Not to mention getting CPA to change the rules because we outsmarted them in the battle of wits.

What lasting impact has Stawhats had on the army community this summer?

Strawhats and our wars take full responsibility for SWAT winning and RPF losing the first round even if pandor tried to cheat. This has not happened in 10 years. What changed? Strawhats happened

Although the Strawhats have closed, Greeny and the pirates take pride in the impact they left behind. Living up to their meme name, they have closed in style, keeping the army community on its toes throughout its short existence. Are the Strawhats truly done causing chaos, or will we see their return in the future?

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