Strawhats Take on Entire Army Community

In a surprising turn of events, the Strawhats release a declaration of war on the entire army community. This follows scheduled invasions by the Templars on Strawhats who, alongside the Rebels, own the only remaining land on the server map not under Among Us Alliance control.

Strawhats Community War

In the very early morning on September 24, Strawhats‘ Leader TD999 declared full-out war against the army community. The list of invasions included every single army sans the Cherries and Mercenaries. Weeks prior, the Mercenaries declared war on the Strawhats; however, a recent Army Board vote declared the term specifying no outside interference to be invalid. This enabled the Templars to declare war on not only Strawhats but Mercenaries as well, alleging the armies were enabling troubled individuals.

Mercenaries Strawhats War Terms

‘No outside interference’ deemed invalid

The first battle was to be against the Templars. Unfortunately for the Strawhats, they were unable to request proper judging of the battle in time. This led to the invasion being deemed invalid. Next was their invasion of the Ice Warriors. On September 25, the Strawhats lacked the required minimum size to successfully invade the Warriors, thus the Ice Guardians kept their land. Following this invasion, the Rebel Penguin Federation invaded Wano, though the Strawhats did not show. With additional invasions scheduled by Templars, control of the map remains unclear, although the pirates seem heavily outnumbered.

Strawhats Community War vs Ice Warriors

The Warriors defend their land

Strawhats have yet to find success on the battlefield. Club Penguin Armies reached out to TD999 to understand more about the motive behind this war.

What led the Strawhats to post invasions of almost every single army?

They were all extremely easy targets so we just couldn’t resist.

What do the Strawhats hope to gain from this situation?

Strawhats 100-0.

Is there a lesson or a message to be learned here?

Armies are wussies and their leaders are weaker than Joe Biden’s chances at reelection. These wars are to give leaders of armies some sort of motivation so they won’t spiral in depression due to their crappy lives.

Based on TD999’s answers, the Strawhats seem to be confident that their message will be heard loud and clear. Certainly these string of events will be remembered as the Strawhats stare the community down in a fight that’ll test each army’s resilience. Will the community unite to fight against the Strawhats?

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