SWAT Receives a Force Treaty from Armies, War Comes to an End

Special Weapons and Tactics were defeated in their war against the four army alliance, subsequently losing all their land. The Amogus Alliance composed of Help Force, Ice Warriors, Templars, and Water Vikings have all placed force treaties on the Special Weapons.

The war was dubbed the Second Eagle Foray by the Vikings only, as a continuation of their September 2020 war against the Special Weapons. It started on August 23 and lasted 18 days. War was initially sought due to the Special Weapons’ ties to questionable leadership. Within the timespan of the war, the Special Weapons faced 24 invasions and lost up to 18 servers.

Special Weapons had gained major army status only nine days before the declaration of war. Despite the army’s recent climb nearing the top of the community rankings, they were unable to keep up in war. Only two counter invasions were planned by the Special Weapons, yet they were defeated. The last invasion came on September 7 when the Warriors took a server called Jaipur. Three days later, each of the four opposing armies declared their own slightly modified force treaty.

Invasion of Mustafar

Battle on September 3

The force treaty holds ten different sections and will remain in effect until mid-December. If the Special Weapons are to break any of the listed terms, the servers they own by then will be split once again, and the treaty will be extended. Some in the community labeled the treaty as harsh, sparking discussion on the morals of force treaties. While the topic of force treaties continues to remain pertinent, they continue to be used in almost every war of the contemporary age. 

Club Penguin Armies reached out to three army leaders involved in the recent conflict for a few questions, although the Special Weapons chose not to provide a statement.

What do you think about the current state of the Special Weapons?

Aaronstone: I’m not a SWAT leader nor do I care about the state of SWAT.

Levelz: Not sure [as] I haven’t paid much attention [to the army] in the last couple of days.

Nicky_3070: Special Weapons [SWAT] will die out soon, there is no coming back from this war.

Was the war worth it?

Aaronstone: Yes, the war was worth it.

Levelz: Yeah, it was fun.

Nicky_3070: Yes, got revenge on an old enemy, and sent an army that puts size above morals into the coffin.

While the Special Weapons morale may have taken a hit, their freshly elected leadership may bring the army back to its former heights. Only time will tell the affects this war had on the community as a whole. What will the four invading armies do next? How will the Special Weapons reconstruction efforts go?

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