End of a Revolution: Revolutionaries Close Following Bull Hour Retirement

Just months after a rebranding that resulted in the creation of the army, Bull Hour has left his leadership position and officially closed down the Revolutionaries.

Initially joining the Club Penguin army community in 2012, Bull Hour went on to serve in the leadership of several prominent small-medium armies over the last several years. The Revolutionaries opened up as a re-brand just two months ago in June following the shutdown of the Mercs. This was the second re-brand of the Mercenaries due to discrepancies with the founder of the army, Midnight. Succeeding this revamping, Da Best and Midnight reestablished the Mercenaries recently.

Bull Hour rebranding to Revolutionaries

Bull Hour announcing the armies’ revamp

On July 31st Bull Hour announced his departure from the Revolutionaries and the army community as a whole. According to a farewell post that was published that same day, real-life responsibilities forced him to commit to the decision. A final event was scheduled for August 3rd, with the purpose of celebrating Bull Hour’s accomplishments and closing his army career on a positive note.

Bull Hour retirement revolutionaries

Revolutionaries during Bull Hour’s retirement event

A day later, he announced the army would officially be closing down and the Discord would be used as a hangout server moving forward. He also advocated for members of the army to join either the Special Weapons and Tactics or Lime Green Army.

revolutionaries closing announcement

To find out more about his retirement, Club Penguin Armies reached out to Bull Hour for an interview.

Did you achieve what you wanted in your time as the Revolutionaries’ leader?

I joined back CPA to have fun, I didn’t hope to achieve much but the time I had in here was a fun time.

Do you have any plans to return to the community?

No, not any time soon or ever.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Wishing all armies and leaders all the bestfor their journey in CPA.

Bull Hour has no doubt been a staple army leader in the community over the last year, with stints in armies such as the Mercenaries, Mercs, and Revolutionaries. Is he truly leaving for good, or could we see him return in the future for another generation of the Revolutionaries? 

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