Red Ravagers To Close After Beach Brawl

The Red Ravagers have recently announced the closure of the army due to the visible drastic decline in the army’s activity. They plan to close their gates right after the Beach Brawl Tournament has taken place.

The Red Ravagers were created by Max and Honda in May of 2020. Their opening event, held on June 9, saw a max of 12, making Red Ravagers an official small-medium army registered under Club Penguin Armies Media.

At the start of the army’s 2-year journey, they quickly became a force to be reckoned with in the S/M community. They consistently had maxes of 20+ and went to war against various armies including the Silver Empire, Fighter Pilots, and the Mercenaries. They participated in March Madness VI, where they defeated the Templars in the first round. The Ravagers also competed in the first Beach Brawl tournament in summer 2020, where they reached the quarter-finals.

The Red Ravagers battling the Army of the Orient Seas out in Beach Brawl

On January 13, 2022, the Red Ravagers shut down in response to the dangers presented by the Club Penguin Army community, continuing as a gaming community. The Discord server didn’t allow any invites during this time. A month went by, and the leaders announced that the army was rejoining the community.

One of RR’s recent events

Following the reopening of the server, the HCOM got to work. They rebuilt the server and took RR back to maxing above ten in each event. Scorp, Nefe, and Bri worked together to bring the army back on its feet. Though as time went on, the staff and HCOM became less motivated with each event held, and with lower maxes, the army decided to close its doors once again.

Red Ravagers announces their closure.

Club Penguin Armies decided to reach out to Red Ravagers leaders BoMoBuddy and Nefenomster regarding the closure, as well as Third in Command ActionSpark, and the army’s creator, Honda.

What led to the demise and closure of the Red Ravagers?

Action: Well slowly our activity began to decrease and as most people have been able to tell it completely stopped. Nefe, one of our leaders got busy with his job, I struggled with mental health and bo had to go on vacation. We had no staff, and frankly demotivation had hit us all. We decided it would be best to shut down, and not stain RR’s legacy anymore.

Nefe: We decided it was finally time to close the doors of Red Ravagers because our story had already been told, and all good things must come to an end. We have different things happening in our real lives now and it’s time for our army careers to reflect that. Deciding to close was not an easy decision, especially as someone who’s been here from day one, but I finally needed to come to terms with the fact it was time to shut down for good.

Bo: The closure had been a few months in the making to be honest. RR’s HCOM team decided we wanted to actually touch grass this summer and, as we all know, you can’t touch grass and run a Club Penguin Army. It’s just not possible.

What was your favorite memory during your time in the army?

Action: I have many favourite memories and moments. When I first joined, Bri and Nefe would always be in vc when I went to sleep and when I woke up. I would hop straight in vc. Then there’s the time I first spoke in vc with multiple other members of the army. I was awoken at 6 am once to get online for an event. When we first hit 20 during AUSIA hours without allies. I have a lot of fond and cherished memories <3

Nefe: There are so many memories to pick so it’s really hard for me to make an decison. There was me buying Baks donuts in vc and Ravvys’ Got Talent where we had a talent show in vc and I remember Action sent in a video of horse back riding and people were singing. There was also RR Awards where Nacho won biggest headache and I think Chicken got best advisor. All of the inside jokes and so many amazing memories that make me so happy I joined Red Ravagers two years ago. It feels so hard to pick a favorite but I think if I must my favorite memory is probably when I promoted BoMoBuddy to leader. She was someone I recruited to the army and watching her grow out of her shell and into herself has been an amazing journey. I cant wait to see what happens next if she decides to stay in armies after the shut down. If she doesn’t stay I’m just so proud of everything she’s done.

Bo: RR’s history has its fair share of ups and downs. My favorite, however, has to be when we warred FP over RR’s Homophobic tendencies.

Honda: My favourite achievement the Red Ravagers had accomplished has to be consistently making ourselves be known. Every week we would push ourselves past our limits to be even higher in the top ten, and get higher maxes every event. Even in a time where armies were maxing over 100, we managed to be the highest ranking out of any s/m army.

Do you have any future plans for the Ravagers?

Action: Possibly. We do have a big surprise we’ll announce after our final event 😉

Nefe: As far I’m concerned RR’s life is ending, so no.

Bo: The only plans for the future are the surprises mentioned in Nefe’s TLDR after Action’s shutdown message.

Is there anything else you’d like to say to the army community?

Action: Dread the Red ❤️

Nefe: Thank you everyone for the opportunity to work with you. This community would not be the same without each other.

Bo: Dread the Red

Following the army’s closure, there seem to be no signs of the army reviving as of now. Nonetheless, we hope to see the leaders find new opportunities, whether in real life or otherwise. From Club Penguin Armies, we wish them the best in all of their future endeavors.

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