Guncotton Waves Goodbye to Water Vikings

KLONDIKE, CPA Headquarters – Guncotton returned to lead the Water Vikings a month ago. Yesterday, he retired. Why is he leaving so soon, and will he return to leadership?

Guncotton joined the army community in July 2013 as a member of Nachos of CP. By the end of 2014, Guncotton had led the Green Mercenaries and Smart Penguins. When Guncotton returned in 2016, he led the two armies again before retiring later that year. Since joining the Water Vikings in 2020, he has been a core team member. His dedication and unwavering commitment have consistently reinforced the AUSIA Division, earning him the title of one of the Water Vikings’ Greatest Leaders. In April 2021, Guncotton retired. 

Water Vikings Guncotton Leadership

Water Vikings event under Guncotton’s leadership

On May 14th, he returned as Viking Commander, and the army prospered under his direction. With strong maxes and a thriving community, the army had strong showings in the Top Tens, reaching second. However, after only a month in leadership, Guncotton waved goodbye again. He did not announce his retirement, but Dino, the Water Vikings’ Second in Command, announced an event on June 27th to commemorate Guncotton’s retirement.

Guncotton’s retirement event announcement

The retirement event was filled with joyous moments, with 24 penguins online bidding farewell. All the Vikings honored his contributions to the army and gave their blessings for his future endeavors. Ultimately, Guncotton, also nicknamed Ton Ton, was rewarded the honor of Viking Legend.

Guncotton Water Vikings Retirement

The Water Vikings at Guncotton’s retirement on June 28th

Although Guncotton did not give a lengthy retirement announcement, he still thanked the Water Vikings for their love and respect. He will continue to serve as an advisor to the Viking leadership.

Guncotton’s vote of thanks addressed to the Vikings’ community

CP Army Headquarters reached out to Guncotton regarding his thoughts on retirement.


Looking back, how did you come to be a member of the Water Vikings?

Well, I retired from CPA in 2016 and decided to return for fun in 2020. My good friend Superhero123 was an advisor in WV back then, so I decided to join WV.

Why did you choose to retire after just one month since your return?

IRL commitments.

Any favorite moments from this month-long journey that you would want to share?

Getting #2 on Top Ten was a pretty good feeling, but the journey throughout the week made it memorable rather than the result. Moreover, my 4 a.m. drunk session added substantially to the WV scrapbook. I stayed up for 2 hours after that and went to bed only because my GF said I had to.

Will you continue serving in the Water Vikings, and is there a possibility of returning to leadership?

I’ll continue to serve as an advisor in WV. I genuinely enjoy this community and want to contribute whenever possible, so I plan to stay here. Regarding the leadership position, I’m uncertain, but there’s a possibility.

Have you discussed any plans with the current leaders as you step down?

Not really, no, we’re going to go with the flow and adapt as per the army’s needs.


Guncotton may have shifted his priorities due to his real-life ambitions, but he will continue to look out for the army. We all would like to wish him the best regards for the upcoming future and hope that he achieves his goals. Do you think he will return? Will the Water Vikings continue to grow and accomplish their goals?

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