Sweater Joins SWAT Leadership; Ninja Revival Plans Scrapped

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Small-medium figure Sweater has been announced as the newest leader of the Special Weapons and Tactics, scrapping his plans to reopen the Ninjas army.

It was just over a week ago that the CP Army HQ exclusively broke the news that Fire Warriors leader and self-proclaimed “re-creator” Sweater was set to rebrand the Warriors into the Ninjas army. He had made it clear the army was intending to use CP Forever as it was the “best server out” currently. CP Forever is of course the private server owned by Special Weapons and Tactics leader Legoman, who recently made headline news in a CPAHQ Special Report that covered the army’s abuse of the CPPS and unethical size gain.

It would seem, however, that his plans to reopen the Ninjas have been scrapped with the latest development being his inauguration into the leadership position of the Special Weapons. CP Army HQ discovered Sweater contacted Legoman on May 31st to ask for the position, and after a short consideration period, his request was accepted.

We spoke with Sweater to find out more information.

How did your becoming a SWAT leader come about? You had announced a Ninjas revival with yourself at the helm?

I’ve led SWAT in the past, so I already knew that they’re a remarkable group of people. On top of that, I’ve wanted to lead with Legoman for almost 2 years but the opportunity just never really presented itself until now. This will probably stroke his massive ego but the reason I’m here is him for the most part.

What made you want to contact Legoman, despite having plans to reopen the Ninjas?

As I said previously it’s been almost 2 years of wanting to lead alongside him but the opportunity didn’t ever really present itself. We were too busy when I was leading the Fire Warriors and he was leading SWAT and then PIC. This is the perfect time I’d say because SWAT have just returned from a hiatus and they offered me the rank in part due to my experience leading them in 2020. I do think Ninjas could have done well, and I really was ready to pour all I have into them, but I think SWAT was the right move.

What do you think you bring to the leadership role? Do you have any plans or strategies you’re ready to implement?

I’ve been very vocal about my stance on the nature of S/M armies in the present day, being that they’re all lame and don’t do anything. There’s no real plans in place but I’d like to liven the community up a little more and I’ll tell you right now that there’s only so many more costumed takeovers I can stomach before I go crazy. I also bring an element of experience to the leadership, as a few of them are fairly new to the role.

SWAT has come under much criticism over the last week following our special report on their use of CP Forever. What are your opinions on this?

I was very critical to the Pirates, Light Troops and CPO’s take on the Underground Mafias Army for similar methods that the SWAT used very recently. I’m very against the use of such methods and the growth caused by them is artificial. I would personally like to keep to traditional recruiting methods. I’ll be the first to admit that SWAT hasn’t always been the cleanest army (multilogging), but whenever I’ve been in power I’ve always done my best to keep the army clean and cheat-free. I believe in every army having the same methods and potential for success, things such as using an external CPPS to ping for us, or multilogging, goes against that.

Could we see a SWAT and Secret Service conflict following comments you made in your previous interview and due to past drama?*

Haven’t heard anything [a war breaking out or brewing] of the sort. I respect Secret Service and its leadership and I have known Pandor for almost as long as he’s been in armies.


Sweater is without a doubt a prominent figure within the small-medium community, and his inauguration into the SWAT leadership has certainly turned some heads. Could war with the Secret Service, who he has previous drama with, be looming in the distance? Will he be able to ensure the organic growth he’s promised for SWAT, or will Legoman turn to CP Forever for future events?


*This question was edited post-publication as community members felt it was misleading. We apologise for this. The question previously read: “We’ve heard rumours that a conflict between SWAT and the Secret Service could be brewing following your inauguration, what are your thoughts on this?” 


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