BREAKING: Fire Warriors Rebrand to Ninjas

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Something lurks in the shadows. In an effort to rebuild, history repeats itself as the currently dormant Fire Warriors begin rebranding.

Created by Pochoma123 and Pringle64, the Ninjas created a reputation that far proceeded themselves. The army came to be due to a string of small-medium armies merging together to form the Fire Warriors. However, due to a decrease in activity and size, Pochoma123 and Pringle64 came to the conclusion that the Fire Warriors brand was not working for recruit potential.

Thus in the summer of 2011, the Ninjas’ doors opened. Within the first week of their creation the army was able to debut at fourth on the Top Ten. The army would go on to be known for its impeccable graphics and rivalry with Team Gold.

One of the Ninjas first known battles, a practice battle with Team Gold in 2011.

Recently there was an announcement by former Fire Warriors leader Sweater stating the revival of Ninjas. Sweater originally announced the closure of Fire Warriors following notable retirements from key members. While the new army continues to look for a staff team, there has yet to be an announcement date marking the official return.

Leader Sweater also has expressed interest in using the private server known as Club Penguin Forever. The private server-generated mid-controversy following last week’s Top Ten due to its lack of anti-mulitlogging measures, seeing the administration put a size multiplier for armies choosing to host events there.

A candid shot of Sweater revealing plans to use CP Forever.

CP Army HQ spoke exclusively with Sweater directly following the Discord announcement to dive further for an explanation on the sudden Ninjas revival.

Why did you decide to revive the Ninjas? Why now?

Initially I contemplated bringing back Fire Warriors. However, I soon realized that may not be the best idea. I wish to move on from the controversies and be better. Pringle and Pochoma both transitioned their Fire Warriors into the Ninjas, so I drew inspiration from them. This way I can still honor them as I do my best.

What have you been doing to prepare for the revival?

Troop stealing from Secret Service.

What do you hope to accomplish with this generation?

Initially I just wanted to reclaim our spot as the best small medium army. But all the good ones are dead now. People’s Imperial Confederation (also known as PIC) were our only “competition” back then. So now I guess it’s to reach major, have fun, and prove to myself that I can still do this and that my 2020 was not a fluke.

From the interview, it may seem that the army has already prepared to find a new rival. Ninjas reopening comes at a time when other notable small-medium armies have chosen to return just in time for summer. Will this generation far exceed the previous Fire Warriors revival? Will Club Penguin Forever be its saving grace? We will indeed find out as the CP Army Headquarters wishes all the luck to the Ninjas in their future endeavours.

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