Mercenaries and Ravagers End their War with a Peace Treaty

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – It’s been seven days since the Mercenaries initially declared war on the Red Ravagers. With only one battle under their wings, a surprising turn of events see the two armies coming to a truce.

The war, labeled as the War of Eminent Apostasy by one of the Mercenaries‘ Leader in Training Zucculente, originally began on May 16th, 2022. Commander in Chief Toxic Storm posted three invasions (only two of which were valid) of Red Ravagers‘ servers. Originally there were no clear reasons to explain the sudden invasions. However, quickly following the announcement, the Templars announced their involvement and declared war on the Mercenaries.

With war finally running rampant in the community again, there were big expectations for the first battle. Despite initially calling the invasion a success, the Mercenaries unknowingly broke their own invasions terms: no dual enlisted members were able to participate. This made the invasion invalid.


Invasion of Bidet Land, Red Ravagers’ server.

Immediately following the decision the Mercenaries canceled their second invasion and Toxic Storm retired. At the time, it was reported that this was not due to the war ending. Instead, leader Bull Hour had just scheduled the times incorrectly. The canceled invasion was for May 20th, 2022. The very next day the representatives for both the Mercenaries and Red Ravagers were able to come to an agreement.

Peace attained by Mercenaries and Red Ravagers on May 21st, 2022.

Instead of a traditional treaty, the two armies decided to agree to an armistice that would cease the ongoing conflict. According to the peace pact the two armies are still able to engage in future conflicts with one another. While the two red armies have been able to put their conflict aside it is unsure how this will affect Mercenaries conflict with Templars. Following Templars’ entrance into the war, the Mercenaries addressed the yellow army in a post by instigating a myriad of accusations.

CP Army HQ sat down with Red Ravagers’ Commander Nefe to discuss the recent end of the war and the future of their army relations.

What led to the formation of the peace pact?

After Toxic Storm left, MCP no longer wished to proceed with the war and reached out to Action (as Bo and myself have been on leave) about a treaty to signify the end of the conflict. RR agreed to end the war via treaty due to no wish or real reason to continue with the war.

How do you foresee your relations with the Mercenaries in the future?

Red Ravagers currently see no future relations with MCP. This treaty basically signals simply there are no more hard feelings between the armies. It is not any form of an alliance [rather] just saying we are back to neutral.

How do you foresee Templars moving forward now that the Red Ravagers have agreed to a peace pact?

I’m honestly not sure. Red Ravagers and Templars were not allied until after MCP decided to war on us and Templars joined forces with us without being asked and without the request for an alliance for back up. The Templars may take to event raiding or perhaps they’ll call their war off as well, MCP does not have land so it wouldn’t be possible right now to hold what this generation of armies considers a proper war.

As another war in the community comes to a close, there still leaves the uncertainty of the involved armies futures. With no official land to invade, will the Templars call off their war intentions? Or is the War of Eminent Apostasy just getting started?

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