BREAKING: Toxic Storm Leaves Mercenaries Leadership During Red Ravagers War

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Just minutes after our coverage of the chaotic first day of the Mercenaries-Red Ravagers war, leader Toxic Storm departs from the army. CP Army HQ has the full, behind-the-scenes scoop on exactly what went down to lead to this shocking departure.

At 2:22 pm EST on May 18th, just hours after their first invasion in their war against the Red Ravagers, leader Toxic Storm has retired from his position within the Mercenaries. His announcement occurred exactly 8 minutes after the CP Army HQ announced their invasion of Bidet Land earlier in the day was invalidated as they broke their own battle term of “no dual enlists”.

Just before he informed his army, a brief confrontation occurred between Toxic Storm and Bull Hour/Ikka in a group chat that was created to investigate the rule break from earlier in the day. Toxic Storm stated he was “done with the Mercenaries and the league’s bullsh** rules”.

CP Army HQ sat down with Toxic Storm shortly after to discuss his departure and relationship with the rest of the leadership.

What are your reasons for leaving the Mercenaries?

It’s just too much to deal with right now, I’ve got too many things on my mind, and I’m the only one in MCP who comes up with the ideas. Ikka screwed up not knowing about Ninja and I don’t wanna clean up after his mistakes. I got better things to work on than this exhausting mess.

What are your plans now?

In terms of armies i am done, other cpa stuff, definitely. I feel like ive done everything i wanted to do in my career as an army leader anyways. Nothing personal against anyone but my time in armies is over after two years, it’s time to rest and look for better things to do.

Have you left on good terms with the other leaders?

Midnight never had issues with me, as for Ikka I don’t approve of his actions and we argue sometimes but there are no hard feelings. I’d like not to share but it’s nothing personal, just that the situation was unfortunate and hard to fix, at least for me alone. There is no hate, just a combination of frustration, confusion and such.

Toxic Storm’s departure coincided with Bull Hour cancelling their upcoming invasion against the Ravagers, which was scheduled for May 20th. These two events together led the Red Ravagers’ higher command to believe the war might be over, although without any real confirmation from the Mercenaries.

CP Army HQ can exclusively reveal that the war is not over, and this invasion cancellation was because they got the time wrong. Leader Bull Hour had scheduled the invasion for 12:00 am (midnight) EST on May 20th, but was supposed to schedule it for 12:00 pm (midday) EST. He intends to reschedule another invasion in due course, despite his fellow leader retiring from the army.

The future of this war is looking uncertain, with the Mercenaries still facing opposition from the Ravagers and Templars. With their only invasion now cancelled due to scheduling the wrong time, will leader Bull Hour continue the offensive? Or will he back down and seek peace now that the army is a leader down?


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