Holly Inducted As Silver Empire Leader

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Recently, Silver Empire has re-inducted Holly back into their leadership. What does Holly have in store for Silver Empire, this time around?

Jimmy and Zach originally formed the Silver Empire on April 20, 2022. They recently celebrated their second anniversary, but due to the shutdown of CP Rewritten, they weren’t able to host an anniversary event in-game. Earlier today, it was announced that Holly would return as Silver Commander. The Silver Empire troops and staff are all eager to now see Holly back as their leader after celebrating their anniversary.

Announcement of Holly’s promotion to leader

Holly’s army journey began in the Help Force in March 2020. She ranked up to Fourth in Command, and she then retired from her position there. Holly continued her journey by joining Silver Empire in November 2020. Holly ranked up to various staff positions in the Silver Empire, and she eventually joined their leadership on December 11, 2021. In January, she left Discord, stepping down, but rejoined the army shortly after as a Second in Command. She now makes her return as leader.

Silver Empire event led by Holly

CP Army Headquarters reached out to Holly about what she had to say about her induction.

So, you’ve been known as a member of the Silver Empire and a previous leader too. What made you jump back into leading?

I took a step back from armies, deleting my Discord entirely in January, but I shortly realised how much I missed the community and all my friends. I came back as my respective 2nd in command position and was asked this morning if I’d like to step back up as a leader, so I thought, why not.

That’s very interesting! Everybody in the community is excited about the arrival of CPA Battleground. How do you feel about this?

I’m excited, too. I believe that the closure of CPR is exactly what SE needed. We switched to recruiting for our Roblox and Minecraft section, which helped us exceed 1,000 members. We are excited to work with our members in creating accounts and teaching them all about the CPA community.

What plans do you have for Silver Empire with your leadership? Anything fun in store?

Continue as we are, recruiting, hosting fun events on Roblox, Minecraft, and wherever, but also focus on CPAB and building a solid community that we can hopefully bring to major status.

Holly seems excited to continue building the Silver Empire through their new gaming divisions and hopefully upgrade them to Major Army. We wish her the best of luck in the future of her leadership and plans for the Silvers! What do you think about Holly’s return to Silver Empire leader? What more could she contribute to their community, and will her plans come to fruition? 

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