Rumors in the CPA Community: Spotty Should Be Fired

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Welcome to Rumors in the CPA Community. Every two weeks, we will be discussing ongoing rumors, gossip, and more in our army community, sarcastic or serious.

Rumors are abundant in the community. Whether it’s accusations of multi logging, doxing, or rumors that an army is shutting down, they exist. As I mentioned before, we will be going through different rumors every 2 weeks, figuring out how they came into existence, who supports it, and if it’s a fact, or simply not true.

This week, we will be discussing the ongoing rumor that Spotty, a current Associate Director in the Club Penguin Army Headquarters, is not fit for her role. You can see community members uniting under one mutual goal: to fire Spotty almost every day. Let’s dive in to see why that is!

Spotty joined the army community in the year, 2018, as a soldier in the Help Force, where she eventually ranked up to a leader. A year later, she left the Force to join the Dark Warriors, which she ended up leading that August. After 6 months of service, she left the Warriors in December 2020. After a few months of being without an army, Spotty decided to join the Army of Club Penguin, where she was able to rank up to high command. Besides her roles in the armies themselves, Spotty has worked very hard for the community. She has held very high positions, including Head Judge in CPAH, and her current role of Associate Director here in CPAHQ. 

Now, let us take a dive into this campaign against Spotty.

Spotty’s Hate Campaign.

How did it start?

Aaronstone was the first person to ever talk about firing Spotty. Aaron began it all with a simple ping to the league’s director, DMT, asking him to fire spotty. This was about a month before Spotty received the promotion to Editor-in-Chief and about 3 months before she received Associate Director.

Aaron asking DMT to fire Spotty.

I believe we can all look at Aaron as the founder of this campaign. He did not just start it, but has continued it with numerous efforts to turn the community against her. An example of this is the screenshot I have provided below:

Aaron conducted a poll to see if Spotty should be fired over her food preference.

In order to learn the full story, I reached out to Aaron concerning this.

Seeing as how you are the initiator for the “Fire Spotty” campaign, is there any specific reason you wish to fire spotty from her CPAHQ position?

Essentially I am tired of women (spotty) trying to tell us sigma males how to live our lives. It’s time this ends I am calling for all women to be banned from CPAHQ and let us giga chads takeover and lead CPA into its next golden age. What I suggest is that one day the men and women gather and we do one big battle (the men vs the women) however the result of this battle is already known, it would be a male victory. As we have the power of the curry on our side and we would also have Bam117 as our leader who is known for defeating many women in battle. The women would be too busy talking about boba tea and the latest episode of whatever show they watch to focus.

Who is a part of this campaign?

This seems to be the one thing that currently unites this community – the hate for Spotty, and there are dozens of members in this campaign. The members include everyone from brand new troops, to Xat veterans.

Recent spotty hate propaganda from well-known members of the community.

But, the most surprising of these members, is Max, Spotty’s Co-Associate Director.  Max was also one of the first members to support the discharge of Spotty. I reached out to him about this matter, and if he truly means it. Read it below:

So, it seems you are the “leader” of the fire Spotty campaign. Can you give us some insight as to why you think she should be fired?

I’m actually not 😭 I don’t think she should be fired haha.


What are Spotty’s thoughts?

Spotty has never had bad intentions for the army community. She works hard to keep a league running. She writes posts that need to be written, mentors new staff, and steps into other positions that need help. I got in touch with her and asked her a question about the matter.

Honestly I find it kinda cute that everyone loves to speak about me so much, carl bot is fr popping off in my dms daily with all my mentions <3 #RentFree 🤪 But if people honestly think that and aren’t joking, then I invite them to apply for our media team and show that they can do better :panshrug:

Fact or Lie, Does Spotty really need to be fired from CPAHQ?

Club Penguin Army Headquarters would be able to survive without the help of Spotty, but that doesn’t mean she should be fired. Not only does she work for the administration team, but she also does much more behind the scenes. She keeps reporters in check, helps to edit posts, and even writes posts sometimes. So I will conclude the post by requesting everyone to Stop Spotty Hate!



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  1. Fulcrum23 April 9, 2022 (7:13 pm)

    No, she doesn’t need to be fired from CPAHQ. Spotty is better than all of the men in CPAHQ.

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