How Well Do You Know Disha of the Silver Empire?

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – How Well Do You Know returns for a new instalment this week! Continuing from last time we stay within the CP Army HQ team, and get to know Disha of the Silver Empire.

Disha began her army career after being recruited into the Help Force in May 2020. From there she discovered the Silver Empire before joining the Elite Forces of Club Penguin until their closure in September 2020. At that point, she fell inactive until Summer 2021, where she rejoined Silver Empire and remains there to this day. Upon rejoining the community, she found herself within Silver Empire’s staff team by August 2021, and worked her way up to Second in Command by February 2022. On the side, she acts as CP Army HQ‘s Column Manager and is responsible for managing all of the columns that you see on our website.

I sat down with Disha today, and talked with her about her hobbies and what makes her unique.

Okay Disha, this interview is all about getting to know you. With that how would you describe yourself as a person?

I would describe myself as someone who is quiet and reserved and who doesn’t open up as such to people unless she feels a connection with them. Ever since childhood, I was told to excel at everything I do, so maybe that’s where my overachiever perfectionist self sees its birth. I was an avid reader of books, at one point, and I still happen to read whenever I get the time to. With time, I found more interests, and if someone asks me where my passion lies, I would definitely say Theater. I have always been more of a listener and observer, rather than a talker, so people tend to find me weird, as I am not one to fit in with the crowd or socialize with others, but like Luna Lovegood said and I quote, “Being different isn’t a bad thing. It means you’re brave enough to be yourself.” I have always abided by these words, and it inspires me to date to stand out from the rest. Apart from this, I love singing (in the shower mostly, and sometimes when I am by myself), painting, TEA (the drink, that is), and handwritten letters. Oh and yes, music is one of the best things that could happen to the world, and I shall always follow the tune that fills my heart with passion.

Since you said your passion is within theater, what type of genre would you say you’re into?

I am under a firm belief that as theatre practitioners, our love should be for the entirety of the Art that Theater is. I have acted in quite a few plays and dramas, and all of them are extremely dear and close to my heart. But if I had to pick one, I would definitely go with the genre and theme that “Boiled Beans on Toast” written by Girish Karnad, follows. It is a simple story and not one that has a complex plot, but in its style of following a non-linear narrative structure of telling a story – it lays bare the aspirations and hopes of a large mass of Indians today. And I love how subtly yet beautifully, it explores the ideas of urban migration, consumerism, and environmental concerns, with warmth, and humor.

Boiled Beans on Toast? xD

It is actually a play, check it out ahah! :heart:

Sounds like you’re more into comedy style then?

Who doesn’t love a good old comedy? :heart:

Okay moving on from theatre now, you mentioned that you like to read. Would you say that’s one of your main hobbies?

Yes definitely, I do make it a point to read from time to time. But given how hectic life has been lately, I hardly get time to read these days.

Okay lastly, because this is Club Penguin Armies after all, what would you say has been your favourite moment in your career?

Okay that’s a difficult one, because there are so many memories that I have here, which I shall cherish always. I wouldn’t want to pick one over the other. All the time that I have spent chatting away in SE, and working in HQ is extremely close to my heart. Since I guess I have to pick one moment, and since I have never listened to you :E6~6: I shall pick two such moments. One of them is definitely Ambie retiring. I cried happy tears that day, knowing how loved she is and how important she has been to all of us. The other moment would be the Ball that SE hosted last year. It was absolutely beautiful and I had a lovely time. Also, I got to ask 44 df to be my date for it. Who wouldn’t want that? :doglove~1: :heart:

Similarly to before, it helps to understand how Disha is viewed from another person’s perspective. As a result, I asked one of her colleagues for what they think of Disha as an individual.

She is a very hard working person nice and sweet and sometimes pain in the [removed] :joy:

In summary, it is safe to say that from this Disha is a silent but deadly person. While you may not hear her speak up as much during group sessions, she puts in lots of work and ensures that she can output the highest quality possible. There’s no doubt that CP Army HQ and Silver Empire have any regrets about hiring her if it wasn’t for this attitude to her work.  On that note, I ask you all – how well do you know Disha?


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