March Madness VII: Quarter Final Results

CP REWRITTEN, United Media Headquarters – The March Madness VII quarter-finals have concluded after a controversial weekend, but which 4 armies made it into the semi-finals?

The four battles that made up the quarter-final round of the March Madness VII took place on March 26th and 27th. But only four armies were successful in making it into the penultimate semi-final round this weekend.


Ice Warriors vs. Water Vikings

The first battle of the quarter-finals saw the Ice Warriors and Water Vikings go head-to-head in the most controversial and hotly contested battle of the tournament so far. The Ice Warriors took a narrow victory in the first room as it was noted they had a larger size, despite the Viking’s best efforts and strong tactics. The second room resulted in a tie, with the Ice Warriors having “AFK penguins” and the Vikings performing stronger overall. The third room saw the tides turn in the favour of the Water Vikings, who claimed victory due to gaining the size advantage and maintaining a fantastic speed and activity. In the overtime room, the judges noted the Vikings were relying on big-word bubbles and favored the Warrior’s use of creative tactics. Despite the Water Vikings successfully covering at points, and maintaining the size advantage, the Warriors ultimately claimed the overtime victory room. However, the Ice Warriors took over with consistent speed and covering despite being at a size disadvantage. The Ice Warriors were crowned the winner of this very close battle with a 2-1-1 score.

Winner: Ice Warriors


Rebel Penguin Federation vs Army of Club Penguin

The second battle of the quarterfinals saw the Rebel Penguin Federation up against their historic rivals, the Army of Club Penguin. This battle concluded with a 3-0 victory for the Rebel Penguin Federation. For all three rooms, the Rebel Penguin Federation displayed higher quality tactics and formations against the Army of Club Penguin with faster speed and a significant size advantage.

Winner: Rebel Penguin Federation


Help Force vs. Secret Service

The third battle of the quarter-finals saw the Help Force battle the Secret Service. This battle, just like the last one, was declared a one-sided victory with the Help Force coming out on top. Throughout the entire battle, the Help Force maintained a significant size advantage while also displaying high speeds. The Secret Service didn’t give up though, trying their best to keep up using big word bubbles. Judge Yvng Baller also criticised the Secret Service for sniping/scouting rooms ahead of the room change and warned against armies doing so as it is a breach of the tournament rules.

Winner: Help Force


Templars vs. Silver Empire

The final battle of the quarter-finals saw the Templars and the Silver Empire battling for the last spot in the semi-finals. This was another one-sided battle with the Templars achieving a 3-0 victory, although the Silvers did not go down without a fight. The Silver Empire entered room one first and made a formation quicker than the Templars. In the second room, they held up strong despite the size disadvantage. In the third room, they were able to display better speed than the Templars. Despite their efforts, it wasn’t enough to combat the Templar’s huge size advantage and ability to cover the Silvers effectively.

Winner: Templars


This concludes the results of the quarter-final round, which saw some of the biggest moments of the tournament so far. Congratulations to the four armies that are advancing into the semi-finals next weekend, the United Media wishes you all the best of luck.

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