HCOM Life Stories: Oreo from Water Vikings

Welcome to the thirty-fifth edition of the “Higher Command Life Stories” column. In this week’s edition, we talked with Oreo, who is a third-in-command for the Water Vikings.

Oreo HCOM Life Stories

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Oreo started her army career in July 2020 when she joined the Water Vikings for the first time. After Oreo joined, she worked her way up the ranks until reaching a leadership position on April 27th, 2021. Her dedication and hard work were crucial factors that led to her promotion. Nevertheless, her stint was very brief, as the Vikings went through a temporary shutdown in June 2021.

Once WV returned from the shutdown in August 2021, Oreo remained in the army as a second-in-command until February 2022, when she once again was inducted as leader. Therefore, Oreo would go on to lead the Water Vikings until April 2022. In her second reign as a Viking Commander, she managed to lead WV in the March Madness VII, losing to the Ice Warriors in a very close battle.

Water Vikings fighting the Ice Warriors in March Madness VII

However, her time as a leader would come to an end once she switched over to the Templars. There, she rose to the rank of Leader-in-Training, and she stayed at that rank until November 2022, which is when she left the army. Oreo would then make a return to armies in February 2023, joining the Water Vikings once again, but now as a second-in-command for a few months until she retired again. She would stay retired until January 2024, when she rejoined the Water Vikings as a third-in-command, her current rank.

Oreo in a Recent WV Event

Club Penguin Armies interviewed Oreo to ask her about her journey and future goals in the community and the Water Vikings.

In all your time in armies, which time was your favorite, what favorite memories would you have from Club Penguin Armies/Water Vikings?

My favorite time in armies was definitely 2020-2021. I made some really good friends (shout-out to dremtem) and nothing can beat how amazing the community was (and is) in Water Vikings. Some of my favorite memories are when we would do movie nights and everyone, especially Minty, would take screenshots of any scenes that were even slightly funny and make as many memes as they could during the movie. I also loved music nights with Moses and Pog. We’d always try to type the lyrics while the songs were playing and there’d be so many typos.

Do you feel like you will make it to commander to lead the Water Vikings again?

Possibly? I’d love to have another opportunity to be a leader for Water Vikings again.

You have been a commander and high command in Water Vikings a few times, what differences in the army, if any did you see when you would return?

There’s been a lot of changes in WV while I’ve been here. When I first joined, Change was leading and it was a lot more strict than it is now, but we did incredible. When I became leader the first time, WV struggled a bit because they left and made me and Misty leaders and we had both never led before. It was a challenge but I learned a lot from that. I had a better experience at the start of when I was leading the second time, but had issues at the end which caused me to leave for TCP. When I returned again, there were so many new people and Dino and Mabel had become leaders. I feel like they got WV to a better place, and it feels even more friendly and welcoming. I rejoined again this time because I feel like WV has potential to be better than it’s ever been.

What are your plans for the Water Vikings?

I want to help Water Vikings grow and keep this community feeling the same way it does now. I love how WV feels like family and I want others that join to feel the same way.

What advice do you have for the people who are working towards getting HCOM in their army?

HCOM takes a lot of work and patience, but it’s definitely worth it. As HCOM, you get chances to help lead events and work with the leadership which is a really cool experience. If you keep working hard, attending events, and staying active, you’ll be HCOM in no time.

Oreo has been in armies for a while, serving multiple stints in the Water Vikings and Templars, including a leader position in the former. Do you think Oreo will lead Water Vikings again? Will she retire as a high command? Club Penguin Armies wishes Oreo the best of luck for the future.

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