March Madness VII: Bracketology Round One

CP Rewritten, United Media Headquarters – With round one of the March Madness VII over, the United Media presents the results of Bracketology so far. We see a solid start for many people this round.

Click here to view the Bracketology spreadsheet.

The first round of the March Madness VII saw eight armies compete. The armies that took part were the Silver Empire, Red RavagersSecret ServiceFighter Pilots, Army of Club PenguinChefsWater Vikings, and Day Warriors. Concurrently, 21 people participated in the Bracketology competition. Surprisingly, most people predicted at least 50% of the battles correctly. Even more surprising was that many people guessed the victors correctly but could not guess the room score. Unlike last year’s bracket challenge, however, this year’s saw no overtime rooms in round one. I would assume that most people based their scores on top tens, as I did for the sample submission. Using the top ten gave a very accurate picture of what round one ended with. Here’s an analysis of each battle with March Madness VII Bracketology round one.


Silver Empire vs. Red Ravagers

This battle was arguably one of the hardest to predict because the Top Ten of 03/06/2022 – 03/12/2022 put a max event size difference of three, with the Red Ravagers in eighth place in CP Army Network. Without knowing either army’s performance over a long time, it was challenging to decide the room score. This loss led to seven people, including myself with the Sample Submission, losing out on the 3 points for the room score. Indeed, those seven people used a room score of “2-1-0″(W-L-T) for a Silver Empire win. I asked a person that made such a guess, Bam, why they guessed that room score.

Well, honestly, I just looked at the latest top ten and kinda judged the average size off of that. Some armies do a little better tournament time but most of them are smaller medium armies, thus the boost wont normally be huge. The (typed stuff like this) was more banter than anything.


Secret Service vs. Fighter Pilots

Unsurprisingly, the battle was a straightforward guess. Both CP Army Headquarters and CP Army Network top tens pointed to a crushing victory for the Secret Service. As seen in both top tens, Secret Service always ranked at least three places over the Fighter Pilots. Two weeks before their battle, the Secret Service received 6th place in CP Army Network’s Top Ten, the highest of all small/medium armies ranked there, while the Fighter Pilots got 11th. According to the audience, both armies could have tried their best in the battle, yet the Secret Service won this battle before it started.

bracketology round 1 ss vs fp top ten

The 02/26 – 03/05 Top Ten rankings for Secret Service and Fighter Pilots in CP Army Network, as linked here.


Army of Club Penguin vs. Chefs

This battle was unironically simple to guess for anyone that took this competition remotely seriously. As the Chefs had shut down on March 5, it was no surprise that the Army of Club Penguin moved on.

Chefs bracketology round 1

Screenshot of Chefs shut down, leading to an automatic loss in March Madness VII.


Water Vikings vs. Day Warriors

While the Day Warriors, every submission consisted in a clear 3-0-0 Water Vikings victory. Unfortunately for the Day Warriors, they did not show up to the battle, and the judges gave the Water Vikings a one-room win. Usually, if one had to guess something unknown, they would be a 50% chance to guess incorrectly. In the case of armies, it results in a high chance of a correct guess due to sizes having to build up over time, with an increasing number of events and time alive. Hence, everybody that submitted a prediction achieved 4 points for this battle. United Media asked YodaBoBo about their guess for this battle:

WV has consistently been showing a strong performance in tournaments. Day Warriors was an army that I had not heard of so I did not know much about their size or performance. With this in mind, I believed that WV’s performance would allow them to easily take a victory of 3-0-0.


Most predictions for the four battles in Bracketology Round 1 were very close, with the margin of scores in a measly 7. Hopefully, the battles and predictions follow an upward trend of interest, increasing the gaps between scores. Stay tuned for Bracketology Quarter Final scores!

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