Artistic Analysis: Haleyyy

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Welcome back to “Artistic Analysis,” wherein this edition, we look into the graphics that Haleyyy created and understand more about her journey in the graphic design community.

Artistic Analysis - Haleyyy

This week in Artistic Analysis, we dive deeper into what made Haleyyy a graphic designer. Before we begin, let’s take a quick look at her history within the army community. Haleyyy joined the community in April of 2019 by joining the Royals, where she eventually became the leader in June. When the Royals closed, she joined Special Weapon and Tactics as second in command. She then later joined the Elites for a Third in Command position. After Elites, she revived Royals with a few others. They decided to merge into the Doritos of Club Penguin, where she became Third in Command. However, she now has left the community except to hold a Graphic Designer position in CP Army Headquarters.

Haleyyy started designing in 2018 for leagues and armies. Now that we know more about Haleyyy’s history in the community, it’s time to look at some of her creations.

Artistic Analysis Haleyyy DCP gfx

Part of Doritos Website Design – 2020

Legends Cup X1 header – 2021

CPAB logo – 2021

CPAHQs Art competition – 2022

CP Army Headquarters talked to Haleyyy about who influenced her the most.

What or who influenced you to become a Graphic Designer?

I’ve always enjoyed art and have always had a creative mindset even though I spent most of my life aspiring to become a scientist of some sort. after high school, I started doing quick designs for friends and my boss because I had a knack for understanding design software and such, so when I joined the community in 2019, I started doing the same thing for the armies I was in and stuff. my experience in the cp community inspired me to change my majors in university to graphic design and advertising from science education! it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself because I’ve grown to love design even more than before, which has been influenced in part by this community.

When did you start designing things, and what software do you mainly use?

I sort of answered this before, but I started designing more regularly in 2018-2019, although I did some here and there beforehand. I mainly use the adobe suite for my designs. illustrator and photoshop are my go-to’s for CPA designs, but I use InDesign a lot for my professional work on top of photoshop and illustrator.

What are some things you would like to improve on regarding graphic design?

I think my biggest weakness is typography. doing so much CPA design has limited my creativity when it comes to type, so I have been working a lot on exposing myself to more styles and ideas in my professional portfolio.

What aspects do you feel are essential to a specific design or any design?

Adding something to a design that is uniquely you or that sets you apart is important. it’s really good to show people that even though there may be a lot of people in the running for a job or project, you’re the best choice for it. it’s a pretty competitive field, so finding signature components to add to your designs can be very helpful.

Haleyyy has been in the community for some time, and designing for the community led her to change her college path! Like most past designers that CPAHQ has interviewed, you always want to expand out of the army community. You want to hit as many communities as possible to open your outlook on designing. Not all communities are the same with design, so expanding your reach to other communities will help develop your skills. You always want to expand your knowledge; there is always something new to learn. Who would you like to see on the next edition of Artistic Analysis? Perhaps someone out of the community?

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  1. Fulcrum23 April 3, 2022 (12:04 am)

    Wow! So she was one of the original Royals members!

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