Short Stories: Operation Frost – Part II: Attack on the Embassy

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Welcome back to another edition of “Short Stories.” Previously, Herbert has discharged a plan titled Operation Frost to start an eternal winter and invade the island, following Alderam’s great defeat, subsequently. With an attack on the Club Penguin Embassy, how long will the Resistance stand against Herbert’s armies?

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“Herbert’s army is unstoppable!” A soldier cried, rubbing his forehead while walking into a conference room. Multiple figures sat at the long table of the room, turning their attention to the soldier as they came inside. “Sabertooth took out everybody without workin’ a sweat!” The conference room had a somber ambiance. The only shadows that crept in were the silhouettes of the blinds somewhat opened to show the office outside. The people that were in the conference room were members of the Club Penguin Embassy. Here, the EPF and EPA branches united into one to serve the Auditor and the Director. One looked over all the operations of the agencies while the other organized the entire foundation.

“Without Alderam, the whole island is being torn apart by this war,” The Auditor claimed. Their identity was unknown, but they were supremely important. Nobody knew what they looked like because they always stood in shadows, keeping their identity a secret. “Sensei has lost all methods of communication with us,” The Auditor claimed. “And our only option is to surrender if nothing else.” The attendees of this meeting did not want to surrender. “We must not let ourselves be weak towards the big cheese himself,” Dr. Gary stood up and argued.

“This war has been going on for days and nights,” Jacques Hammer, a detective of noir descent, interrupted. “We’ve made so much progress, and we cannot destroy it now. Knuckles-for-brains should be our biggest concern, y’know?” He insisted. Uncertainty arose throughout the room. After months, their armies were weakened. Herbert and the Frozen Strikers remained on the loose. Alderam’s whereabouts were unknown, leaving people questioning where hope could be found.

Suddenly, an alert blared through the room. Gary checked the screens to see a live video feed outside. There was a newcomer who was demanding entry into the embassy. Behind him, an army of robots could be seen rapidly approaching. “We just picked up a huge energy reading of an army of Herbert’s minions coming through!” the Director exclaimed. Outside in the frost of the eternal winter, the newcomer found himself struggling for an answer from anyone who was inside the Embassy. But the Resistance was destined to help the citizen and stop the forces. “Call in our defense fleet, we must defend the Embassy!” Dr. Gary cried into the radio communications. The army of Herbert’s robots and what appeared to be Snow minions following by them approached closer, leaving the newcomer with no choice but to defend himself from the armies.

Next to the building, two turrets made of bottles of hot sauce mounted from small mountains and whirred slowly towards the direction the army was coming from, creating a decoy. The newcomer turned around and immediately drew a katana. This came to the shock of the Resistance members. “Affirmative, he’s got a sword!” One of the robots cried, stopping in their tracks as they saw the newcomer. He sprinted towards the robots and dashed through them in a daring flash of wind. Hacking and slashing, he was unstoppable against his foes that stood in his way. This battle pitted hundreds of robots and Snow Minions against one person with a katana.

Meanwhile, the Resistance members were busy rushing to their combat stations to defend the Embassy against Herbert’s army. Soldiers were immediately being deployed onto the battlefield through cargo planes, skydiving through the cold breeze. The Club Penguin Air Fleet was now launching into the air, consisting of fighter jets, helicopters, and small drones. Defending the Embassy was an extremely important task; if the Embassy fell, so did the nation of Club Penguin. And the only option that would be left was to surrender to the Frozen Strikers.

“Stand your ground!” Jacques ordered the members to hold their defense. “Don’t let a Minion reach our base!” The Air Fleet swooped through the air, holding their supremacy of the skies as they fought against Herbert’s army. Moments before, the land was a wintry wonderland that was permanent, thanks to the eternal winter that Herbert began. Now, the atmosphere was littered with soldiers fighting for their cause. One side pushed to capture the Director of the Resistance. The other side’s main purpose was to defend against them and destroy the Frozen Strikers one way or another.

The battlefield was a far cry from the peaceful forest it used to be. Trees around them were scorched by bullets, and embers broke out to eat away at the wood as it withered away from lead poisoning. The sounds of war could be heard everywhere. Fire being opened on each other, explosions crackling in each direction, cries of combat from both sides, and countless other details. The clouds have remained the dark grey they were, leaving nothing but uncertainty on what time of day it was. Herbert had twisted the elements of nature to have no mercy on these relentless fighters, especially those from the league of villains that fought without sorrow.

The smell of the smoke covering the sky from the wildfires lingered. The putrid aroma mixed with the smells of cluster missile attacks launched against Herbert’s minions and the destruction of war machines. Neither of these combatants gave any notice to the downpour of heavy snow; they were too intent on their objectives. The snow had been trampled with hundreds of footprints from each side as they clashed. It would take years for this place to recover once the war was over. Until then, it remained as a place that described the horrors of Operation Frost.

Focusing back on the battlefield, the fleet of fighter jets screamed through the air as they swooped down to drop a series of rockets on the robot forces before immediately swerving back upward. Apart from just fighting on the ground, the airspace needed to be defended. The skies were now colored in a dark red and grey as the battle for the Embassy raged. A Frozen Strikers jet was suddenly shot at its thruster as it was pursued by a Resistance jet and a barrel rolled into the ground, violently flaring as it slid into the earth. In the same midst, an armored helicopter carrying soldiers landed in the Northern outskirts of the forest where the Resistance army advanced. The pilot’s top priority was deploying soldiers as fast as possible and immediately backing out to bring support for the airspace.

The soldiers hopped out of the helicopter and performed a tactical sprint through the fire and destruction of the forest. Battle for the Embassy engraved an unforgettable image for everyone fighting in this perilous conflict. Soldiers from the Resistance army were marching through lines of flames that ate away at a once peaceful forest as they intensely jerked from the fast speeds of the breeze. Meanwhile, the robots and the Snow Minions grew more relentless with their attacks. They had no regard for the damage they were causing. What mattered was overthrowing the Embassy and capturing the Director. Soon enough, tanks were reported to be seen slowly making their way through the eastern boundaries. Luckily, the Resistance managed to catch this.

As the battle persisted, anti-tank trucks began rolling out and firing rockets to take out the tanks that were coming. As for the Resistance leaders, they all held their ground. With the arsenal of turrets, anti-aircraft missiles, and so much more at their disposal, they held a heavy defense. However, the robots just didn’t stop coming. As for the newcomer, he found himself having to fall back into cover as the hordes grew at an alarming rate. Dr. Gary managed to identify who he was according to intel gathered from their database: it was Shadow’s boyfriend, Zion. “You’re somebody we need beyond an explainable amount, Zion,” Gary explained. “With your incredible abilities, we need you to help fight for the Resistance!”

Each side was growing tired of the continuous fighting, but neither of them stopped for a break. Herbert was seriously pushing his entire army before revolting to his trump cards: one of the Frozen Strikers. But what the Resistance needed was one of the heroes to return and help them remove the remaining forces of the threat. “We’re almost done here, keep defending the Embassy!” One soldier cried. “If we lose the Embassy, we lose our nation!” The army let out war cries all over as they tactically sprinted towards the last of the Minions. Suddenly, some of the robots were being hit by three similar elements: water, fire, and ice. Could it truly be who people thought it was? If it was, then it would be entirely impossible. He was reported to be dead or captured as a prisoner of war. But it was somebody entirely different.

He was the one who taught the student to become the master. With the help of the Garden of Wisdom, he managed to accomplish reaching that stage. But this master was here to confront a great foe. A nemesis that was given a new look and a second chance at redeeming himself for being humiliated, and therefore undeserving of his glorious praise. “Oh my lord, it’s…him. He’s back!” Jacques cried, ceasing fire of one of the turrets, and looked up to see a figure standing from a tree high above. He jumped through the air and grabbed a deck of three cards, and his face was covered by the silhouette of his rice hat. Sensei had returned. His motive for returning was unknown to the Resistance, but he had come back after sensing that the foe who had been his biggest nemesis had come back to finish things once and for all.

And through the fog of war, the fighting, and the armies, he came through. The trees were shaken and then torn down as he made his way through to face Sensei. It was Tusk once again, and what would be possibly the last time they ever meet again. This attack on the Embassy was now turning into a showdown between two powerhouses of Card-Jitsu that have been in a personal war for decades. And after those years, decades of the same fighting, it was a final showdown between the two.

It wasn’t between the Resistance and the Frozen Strikers anymore. It was now between Sensei and Tusk. And only one could stand, while the other took a mighty fall for good.


End of Part Two.

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