Characterize That: Major Armies as Disney Characters

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – If you’ve ever wondered which Disney characters your favorite armies are most similar to, look no further. Your incredible editors have characterized the major armies after painstakingly considering every character known to humanity. With so many to choose from, which Disney characters best represent our major armies?

characterize that

This list is ordered based on the most recent Top Ten Armies and is the personal opinions of its authors. It does not necessarily represent the views of CP Army Headquarters. 

I. Templars of CP – Shan Yu

templars disney

The Templars held their first Top Ten Army of the Month Award from January 2022, and for that reason, their size cannot be ignored. Like the Huns, their leader Xing always has the community in a frenzy, wondering their next move. Although the larger community is always left wondering, the tight-knit army always knows what is happening. Within the Templars themselves, Xing motivates each staff and troop individually, similar to how the Huns banded together to fight. There is never a doubt that their leader will defend them and ultimately bring them glory in their minds. The Templars and Shan Yu fight by charging forward, making the two a perfect match.

II. Rebel Penguin Federation – Mickey the Mouse

rebel penguin federation disney

The Rebel Penguin Federation is arguably one of the most successful armies in CPA history despite not being created first. With nine tournament victories under their belts, they have repeatedly shown that they can be the star of the show. Over time, their ability to adapt has enabled them to stay at the top of their game. Like Mickey Mouse being a household name, everyone knows of the Rebel’s successes and strives to be their equal. 

III. Help Force – Kovu

help force disney

Kovu is representative of the Help Force. As a young one, he proved his strength. He quickly became the heir apparent to Scar, just as Help Force dominated the small-medium scene before reaching major status. Although kept in line by his elders, Kovu proved that he indeed was a force undaunted. Similarly, the Helpers can never be counted out of any battle or tournament as they find a way to win. Eventually, Kovu may become the next king, just as the Helpers may finally claim their big title win.

IV. Ice Warriors – Oswald the Rabbit

ice warriors disney

The Ice Warriors were one of the first armies to be created, similar to how Oswald was Disney’s first dominant character. However, through a rough start, similar to the attempted coup when Iceyfeet1234 was not active. While others took him, Oswald was quickly replicated and became the subject of many struggles. These struggles are similar to the Ice Warriors’ various shifts in positions in the army community. Despite them, Oswald will always be remembered as one of the first creations by Disney and set the tone for future animations. Without its contributions, Disney could not have gotten where it is today. The Ice Guardians are similar; without their consistency, the army community would not have seen some of the most significant alliances created or some of our latest news agencies.

V. Water Vikings – Captain Hector Barbossa 

The Water Vikings have had many moments of glory before closing for a few years. Similar to the Vikings, Captain Barbossa’s crew was greatly feared. It is no surprise that the Vikings have had their moments of dominance, considering the well-known leaders within their ranks. Always known to fight until the bitter end, the Water Vikings can’t be underestimated. Their resilience has resulted in numerous war victories and notable performances against armies that traditionally max higher than them. It’s hard to imagine that Barbossa and the Vikings could be viewed as enemies when they rescue their friends. Barbossa returned to help Sparrow, just as the Vikings defended their brother ally in war. 

VI. Night Warriors – Card Guards

The Night Warriors strongly resemble the Card Guards from Alice in Wonderland. While their color scheme is within the cards, their outlandish and questionable maxes also compare well. The cards do anything to please her to assist their Queen, including logging on to Club Penguin events. Although it is uncertain how many card guards she has, there are certainly enough to make a difference. We never know how many Night Warriors will show at the next event, but they seem to appear out of nowhere. 

If you’ve ever wondered why Disney tales all end in lies, here’s what happened after all their dreams came true: Club Penguin Armies. All jokes aside, no matter the army, there is a character to pair. Do you agree with the chosen Disney characters?

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