Chefs of Club Penguin Start Cooking Into a War

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – After the Legoman Army closure, Memero opened a new army called the Chefs of Club Penguin. But what can the community expect from the army?

Approximately a week ago, the community saw 54xMemero, and Plazimo lead the Legoman Army for three days before shutting down. Around the same time, claims of a new army led by Memero surfaced. These claims proved to be true, as Memero opened the Chefs of Club Penguin, along with ToXiC. Additionally, Memero claims that the idea of this army bloomed during his days in the Templars, specifically December 23, 2021. Even though the server’s setup was not complete, they still opened to a max of 12. The army signed up in CP Army Headquarters and met the requirements to be accepted.

However, two hours after the army became official, the Bose DK Warriors declared war on the Chefs. This declaration was out of the blue, as the declaration itself seemed to be somewhat of a joke to many. Later, leader Diwix clarified that this is a real war and requested judges in CPA Judges too.

Chefs of Club Penguin Opening

Chefs Opening Event

To see the army’s plans, I interviewed Memero.

What led to the creation of the Chefs of Club Penguin?

I was bored.

What do you aim to achieve with the Chefs of Club Penguin?

I don’t know, maybe the top ten?

With March Madness quickly approaching, do you think you will participate in that?

Maybe, maybe not.

Do you think the Bose DK Warriors’ declaration will hinder any of your plans to grow smoothly?


To see why the Bose DK Warriors declared on this new army, CP Army Headquarters asked Diwix for a statement.

Chefs will run crying to their mothers after tasting our curry. It’ll be another Bose DK Win. And yes, the war is legit.

The Chefs have a mountainous struggle while growing and handling a war. However, they seem to be optimistic about the army’s future and hope to get it into the weekly Top Ten. However, for anyone who thinks they can overpower the Chefs, it seems that the Chefs are confident that they will win even with a small staff team, even though they are unsure about other events such as March Madness. Currently, they are aiming to be the victors of the Bose DK Warriors war and grow out of that to new heights. Their intentions are unclear, but their path forward shines bright.

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