Positivitea – 2nd Edition

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Hello lovely people! Continuing with what Mythic initiated, I bring to you the second edition of Positivitea! Let’s see who all have received compliments, this time! Can you guess who the anonymous writers are? 

In case, you are not aware, and are wondering what this column is all about – let me begin by giving a short description of it! Every two weeks, I shall be selecting a few people from the CPA community at random and ask them to say something kind and nice about anyone else from the CPA community. All the commenters will be anonymous, though this might change in the future, depending on the situation. The person for who the compliment is will then be asked to guess who may have written it. Our main aim is to spread love and kindness, in a world that continues to remind us of all the negative things.
This time, I have received 6 such messages. So without further ado, let’s delve into the positivitea and see who all have received compliments!

Our first compliment is for IceQueen! IceQueen joined the army community on April 13th, in the year 2020, after being recruited off of Club Penguin Online, into the Ice Warriors. She became a part of the Higher Command of the army on September 4th, two days after which, she was inducted as one of the leaders of Water Ninjas, a colony of Ice Warriors. She joined the leadership team of Ice Warriors on January 22nd, 2021 as a Leader in Training, after which she was promoted to the position of leader on July 10th. Since then, IceQueen has been one of the leaders of the army and holds this position to date.

Icequeen’s a person who you don’t even need to know long enough to hit it off on a good note. Haven’t known her long but it’s safe to say we are one and the same. We’re almost the same person 👀 She’s an amazing leader and friend, and I hope she has a fantastic future ahead of her.

I reached out to IceQueen, and asked her to guess who she thinks, has written this about her. This is what she had to say:

wow that’s so nice of them omg, it really made my day reading that! :tlwHeartsBlue: I have no clue aaa can I have more hints? Is it someone from SE?
idk maybe drqueen? but she doesnt use 👀. aaa maybe not drq, this is stressful. I’m tryna think who would write like that.
The person i know who uses 👀 alot is my staff member: cloudy the sussy baka :SusSmirk: . Hmmmmm, I’ll go with cloudy as my guess!


Our second person to be complimented is Baileybear! Baileybear joined armies in 2013 when she was recruited to the Light Troops by a bot on the Original Club Penguin. However, she was not comfortable with Waterkid, who used to lead Light Troops back then. Hence, she left the army and went on to join several other armies. The last army that she joined in the xat era was the Dark Bandits, where she worked as a Senior Moderator. She retired from armies in the year 2015 but would return to the community on May 7th, 2020, when she joined the Dark Bandits once again as a Moderator. Soon, this team of Moderators from Dark Bandits moved to another army, called Red Ravagers, when the Bandits shut down. The day she joined the Red Ravagers as a Moderator, she also enlisted in the Army of Club Penguin. Currently, she is a Third in Command at Red Ravagers. 

I like how she is never scared to be unique, staying as strong as she can through everything, and most importantly never failing to be annoying (in a good way).

I reached out to Baileybar and asked her to guess who said this about her. This was her reaction:

hm maybe… Scorp? Definitely scorp, has to be I think.. maybe bo. this is hard. Scorp calls me annoying all the time, as I’m his younger sibling (not by blood but yk). Also we both have scorp as mutual friends, also he is well known in armies so it makes sense to ask him. But the fact it had “(in a good way)” added threw me off so I guessed if it’s not Scorp its Bo because scorp wouldnt specify. I didnt guess anyone else because I assumed it would be someone active in the community and most my closest friends are retired.
Our third compliment is for Dragon! For those of you who don’t know Dragon – he was recruited into the Silver Empire on December 27th, 2020, and on March 12th, 2021, he was accepted into the staff team. Since December 11th last year, he has been one of the leaders of the Silver Empire and holds this position to date.
Hey Dragon! It has been really cool to see you rank up in Silver Empire and all the fun stuff you have created on the way, such as the SE Minecraft Server that is really fun to play on. You’re always here for your army and your allies and people notice and appreciate it a lot. Thank you for being an amazing person and friend! :3HC_Mwah:
I asked Dragon to guess who this message could be from, and this is what he said:
Our fourth compliment is for Snowy! Snowy joined the army community by being enlisted into the Help Force in August 2018. In February 2019, she became staff but retired a few months after, in late July/early August 2019. She made a comeback to the army again last year in January and attained the position of Marshal on January 23rd. In not less than 4 months, i.e. on May 2nd, she was promoted to the position of Admiral. She is currently one of the leaders at the Help Force, after being inducted to the position in December, last year.
Thank you for being humourous and one of the kool fahrenheiters that I know. It’s been a lovely time being able to talk to you and you’ve done so much not only for Help force, with the numerous contributions but you’ve also been such an approachable person and thats a great quality. Seeing the execution of plans also really impresses me at times 😌 Keep doing what you do because its a huge inspiration to some.
I messaged Snowy asking her to guess who she thinks this message could be from, but unfortunately, I didn’t receive a reply from her yet.
Our fifth person to receive a compliment is Guncotton! Guncotton began his CPA journey back in July of 2013 with the Nachos of CP, under the alias of Astro75114. After leaving the Nachos, he served as a leader at both the Green Mercenaries and the Smart Penguins, and then, retired in 2014. Guncotton returned in 2016 to lead the Green Mercenaries and Smart Penguins once more, before retiring in the same year. During the CPPS Era, Guncotton returned to the community and joined the Water Vikings in July 2020, where he eventually became leader, and then retired in April, last year. Currently, he is a Veteran at the Water Vikings.
Well, he’s been an amazing friend, co-leader, and in general a wonderful person. It’s been super fun to have been part of armies with him ever since I came across them and hopefully, in the future he, me and super could again maybe be part of one again.
I approached Guncotton and asked him to guess who this could be. Here is what he said:
Hmm, Vivek maybe?
Our sixth person to receive a compliment (the last one for this edition) is df44! df44 joined armies in October 2020 as a recruit of the Water Vikings. He was given Third in command in April 2021. In June, he left the Water Vikings to revive Smart Penguins with Superhero123. After shutting down the Smart Penguins in September 2021, he joined Silver Empire in October 2021 as a Second-in-Command. Soon after this, he was inducted as a leader of the Silver Empire and continues to hold this position to date.
Df, you are one of the most amazing people out there and im so glad i was able to meet you! You’re such a thoughtful person and you’re so easy to talk to. You also do a lot for your army and i really look up to you for that. Thanks for being such a good friend too! 🙂
I asked df44 who he thought had written this message, and here is what he said:
No idea hahah, Pran?
With that, we come to an end to this week’s messages! Thank you to everyone who took the time to write these messages, and to everyone for reading! Stay tuned for the next edition. Until then, stay safe and take care!

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