Legoman Army Revival: Big Goals or Publicity Stunt?

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – The Legoman Army has recently announced its plans to re-enter the community. Without the guidance of Legoman this time, how will the army fare, and more importantly, is this just a publicity stunt?

Legoman created the Legoman Army on July 30th, 2020, to receive an army leader name glow for However, the first generation saw noticeable achievements, including multiple top ten appearances. They also competed in the SubZero ShowDown, a tournament the SubZero Army League hosted. 

Legoman Army First event July 30 2020

Legoman Army’s first event on July 30th, 2020

On February 25th, following the notification of a revival event, Omsk, a former leader and current advisor, joked that the Legoman Army revival was unconstitutional. This led to an announcement by Legoman affirming the newest generation and announcing its leaders. The current leadership team will consist of Memero54x, and Plazimo

Revival announcements

Memero joined the Templars in November of 2021, where he achieved Third in Command. 54x started in the Doritos of CP around March 2020. He then found himself leading the Romans in September 2020 before moving on to the Underground Mafia Army, where he soon reached Second in Command. Plazimo joined the community in 2019, joining the Ice Warriors, and has been associated with many armies. Until 2020, he led the Lava Crusaders and merged them into the Island Invaders.

After much anticipation, the Legoman Army HOO RAH held their opening event on February 26th, with a reported 10 participants in attendance.

Revival event on February 26th

CP Army Headquarters was able to get a hold of all three leaders and see what they thought about reviving Legoman Army HOO RAH!

Why did you guys want to revive the Legoman Army?

Memero: I wanted to revive LMA simply for the publicity and to get better at leading.

54x: Why? Well, my homie Legoman hit me up and said I should come along and lead a new generation of LMA. It was something I kind of wanted to do a while ago, so I said sure what the heck. I plan to erase my reputation from 2020 as a racist doxxer as well.

Plazimo: I was told it was Island Invaders, but I’m already invested.

What are your future plans with this generation?

Memero: I plan to make this generation more successful than the last one, maybe even growing into something bigger than just LMA.

54x: I plan to have one last go at CPA and lead Legoman Army HOO RAH to glory. I want to do something in CPA before I turn into a 20-year-old loser still leading CP Armies. Eventually, we will merge into Island Invaders, where I will attempt to recapture the army’s former glory there. Vorwärts Männer!

Plazimo: I plan to teach the new people how to lead and be successful. 

What goals do you have for this Legoman Army HOO RAH generation?

Memero: One of our goals is to make it onto the CPAHQ leaderboard.

54x: Goals? World domination. Today, Legoman Army, tomorrow the world! Hail 54x.

Plazimo: I want to max 10 for a week to merge. 

The Legoman Army had its revival event date on February 26th. They saw a max of 10 in attendance. Will they fulfill their goals for this next generation, or will it just be another meme army for a short time?

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2 Responses

  1. Fulcrum23 February 27, 2022 (2:39 am)

    I have a good feeling about this army. Since my buddy Lego runs this army. Let’s see how they do against the #1 army on the top ten list for CPAHQ and CPAN.

  2. Memero February 27, 2022 (2:39 am)

    bro who tf is this memero guy

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